mission 4/Situation

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Denki:I woke up in the middle of the night when I heard a strange noise from down the hall .I got up to see what going on.i go down stairs to the basement to see the door a tad open i peak in to see.A BUNCH OFF DEAD BODYS SOME HANGING FROM THE CELINE WHILE OTHERS WHERE IN SMALL CAGES.I Saw a girl standing up which looks like..... Lydia! she seems be eating something which is dripping from her mouth I get a closer look to see it was a live human heart. As I was backing up I nock something over which cause her to trun around I quickly run up stairs back to my room .I heard my door creek open slowly.I hear footsteps i see the shadow of her figure.Soon she walk away. What the hell was that!?!?!?!?

        In the morning at the base
Kira:I wake up in a room which is not mine seems like Dabi's .I  raise up from Dabi bed making the sheets fall over but I quickly cover my self with it realizing that I full blow naked .uhhh what happened????.As I was moving my legs around till I felt something wet under the sheets I look to see a small amount of red. I cover my mouth with my hand. I look over to my left to see a sleeping Dabi. I get up off the bed but felt a sharp pain in my legs . Causeing me to fall. I crawl to the closest and grab one of Dabi jackets tossing it on.i went to the bathroom and sat down on the sink. I sigh What am I gonna do???.I quickly grabbed a Bleach and poured
a little bit on the white sheets were the blood was and left the room to go for a walk

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Also this is confusing as fuck

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