Grand Mafia

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Izuku:I woke up when the sun hit my face.Looking at the time.I get up and start getting ready.It took me about 30 minutes to get ready.I walk downstairs to see the others."Good morning".They either said 'good morning or hey'.

Demonian:"Heyyy kid how was ur date yesterday Uraraka".

Izuku:"Oh it was good wait how do u know about that and how do u even know her name?"

Demonian:"Im everywhere i ran into her a couple of times to so yea.She kinda cute.She has a nice body to.Her friends are hot to".

Izuku:"Stay away from her"

Demonian:"Chill chill i was just saying".

Tomura:"Can u guys just drop it."

Dabi:"Hurry up and leave.Caues we have to important business to attend to when u get back"

Kira:"What business?"

Neito:"yea what is he talking about?"

Dabi:"I said we will talk when they get back".

Tomura:"It is best if u guys know later on.Its nothing big so dont worry about it"

Izuku;"Sure but anyway lets dip we are already late"

On the walk to school

Izuku:"So what is it do u think Dabi want to talk about?".

Denki:"I dont know Tomura said not to worry about it."

Izuku:"Yea but still.Shoto did he tell u anything".

Shoto:"No he never tells me anything.Id ask him but he would tell me to get lost or none if ur business"

Neito:"I dont know i over heard something"

Kirishima;"Like what"

Neito;"All i overheard is that we might be just fighting".

Kirishima:"Most be something big"

Denki:"Not this shit again"

Izuku:"We should hurry and get to class."

The group finally made it to school

Neito:"See u losers later"

Bakugo;"Who are calling a loser u asshole!!??"

Neito:"Well see you".

Bakugo:"Dont ignore me!!".

Izuku:Me and the others enter class.

Mr.Aizawa:"Why are you late"

Izuku:"Uhh well we...."

Shoto:"Something came up"

Mr.Aizawa:Its not the first time they are late.I noticed it a while back.Not to mention the way they miss a few days of school.Also it looms like they get lack of sleep. Since when they ever start hanging out with that kid from class B.Im not gonna let it get to me.

To the base

Demonian:"So about the Grand Mafia.I did some of research on them"

Kira:"Oh yea like what?"

Demonian:"Well they are a group of savage ruthless criminals".

Kira:"Yea and so what that gotta do with us?"

Dabi:"Well Tomura wants to have a all out war with them"

Demonian:"Im saying we should get together as a massive criminal organization."

Kira:"But what do you think Dabi?"

Dabi:"....I dont know"

Kira:"What dose boss want?''

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