mission 12 final battle

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Denki:*huff*She a lot stronger than I thought. I only got a few hits on her.While she hit me pretty hard.

Lydia: "Denki~~~~"


Lydia:"You where just standing there.Why don't you just give up this fight and join me".

Denki:"join you?"

Lydia: "I plan on taking over this small city I'll be  a queen but I can't rule without a king".

Denki:" What your saying makes zero sense"

Lydia: "How?".

Denki:" Well first before you can do anything you have to deal with All Might first and the other Pro Heros".

Lydia: "This is true but I'll just use my brainwashed idiots"


Lydia: "But anyway back to the fight".

Denki:"Wait let's make a deal"

Lydia:"I'm listening "

Denki:"If you win I'll be your King and I'll see if the rest of my team will help."

Lydia: "And if you win?"

Denki:"I'm gonna kill you".

Lydia: "You'll be the one to lose".

Denki:" How much u wanna bet".I said as I run towards Lydia .She kicks at my face but I block .We continued to fight till she pull out gun and shoot  me in my shoulder.I groan in pain a I fell to the floor. Lydia laugh while walk over me pointing the gun to my head.

Lydia:"Do u give up?"

Denki:"No".I said as I get up but she put another bullet in me but in my stmoatch ."Y...you bitch!"

Lydia: I bend down to Denki face and planted a kiss on his lips.

Denki:AWWW NOT AGAIN SHE KISS ME!!!!!! .I glare at her.

Lydia: "So do you give up?"

Denki: "Fine I give up".

Lydia:My face softened." That all I wanted.....".


Lydia:"All I wanted was for us to be together".I said as I bring both hands to my chest.

Denki:''Then why the hell u doing this!?".

Lydia:"Look Denki I like u a lot".

Denki: I struggle to get up but I manage to stand.I place one hand on Lydia shoulders. "I like u to".

Lydia:I look up at him with joy." Really!?!"

Denki:"yea ever since I saw you. I fell in love with you. I  new you were the one.You have a wonderful personality and u could get a little crazy in bed but I like you for that".

Lydia: My face trun red.Soon Denki move closer we both close our eyes .our lips were only a few inches away.Till I felt a sharp pain in my stmoatch I look down to Denki's hand he struck me with lighting ."I...I though you....."

Denki:"What u thought I love you for real!".I said as I yanked my hand out her stmoatch.She was about to fall to the floor but I let her fall on my shoulder.I bring my hand to her head patting it softly.

Lydia: "B...but I...I shot you.Y...you s...shouldn't be...able to move".

Denki:" Ooooo Lydia u think only two bullets can take the likes of me down oh please".I said as I move to the side causing her to hit the floor.Her back was facing upwards so I kicked her she scream in pain.

Lydia:Since Denki kick me causing me at face upwards. He walk over to me and look down at me with a grin.I whimper.

Denki: I bend over to Lydia and whisper in her ear."I always hated you ever since the beginning I only us you and your body for fun cause you know I was bored so what we had was nothing special. Just for u to know. "

Lydia:Tears roll down my face.

Denki: "Don't cry so much it won't make a difference your gonna die anyway any last words".I said taping the gun on my chin

Lydia:" I...I...I...I..I.."

Denki:"To long!".I said as I shot her in the head.I'm done with this bitch. I need to find Kira.

To Kira

Kira:I fall to my knees in victory I won.Finally it done.I kill the boss laby all the brainwashed idiots should go back to normal.

Dabi:Soon all the brainwashed idiots stop attacking they all fall to the floor.

Denki:I made it to the roof to see Kira laying there I quickly ran to her I picked her up in my arms.I walk outside to see the ones that have been brainwashed on the floor.Dabi quickly ran to me taking Kira away from me.

Dabi:"We need to leave before anything happens."

Deku:"Oi Denki are you ok ".I said looking as him hurts areas.

Denki:" Yea but u don't mind me leaning on you right?"


Toga:"Now let's go home".


All Might: I look around what happened here?".

Man I'm done this is the last mission chapter so the story is finally going to be much easier .so by now

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