mission 7 apologies/break in

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Denki:I'm heading over to lyida house to continue my mission.I nock on the door Lyida answers it.

Lyida:"Denki what are u doing here?"

Denki:"I wanted to apologize for what I did earlier".

Lyida:"oh no it ok "

Denki:"How bout I make it up to u?"

Lyida:"What would that be?"


Lyida:"What really yes I'm already dressed!!!!!"

Denki:"is there anybody home?"

Lyida:"No they all left"

Denki:"oh let go"

Denki and Lyida are walking to the mall after a while they enter the mall Denki needed to go to the bathroom he talk into the chip in his ear.

Denki:"Guys u can enter the house there no one here".

Deku:"Finally it took u look long enough". I said as I push up a window entering the house so did Dabi and Kira.We look around.

Denki:"What do you see?"

Kira:"Lots of stuff". I enter a room witch look like Lyida mom's due to all the pictures with her and a man.As I was looking I saw a very nice necklace I try it on.It look nice on me.I continue to look at my self in the mirror till a voice came.



Dabi:"What are u doing?"


Dabi:"Alright take off the necklace and come on stop wasting time".I said as I walk off

Kira:"Fine". I took of the necklace and walk off.

Deku:As i was walk far done the hall I noticed a shelf that had a bunch of stuff on it like: Hats, necklaces,ribbons,rings, sunglasses,headphones and more."uh Dabi Kira come here!"

Kira:"Yeah what is it ?"

Dabi:"What going on?"

Deku:"Look". I said as I point

Kira:"What can they be?"


Kira:"Maybe things they found"

Dabi: ....

Kira:"Who knows"

Dabi:"Souvenirs of the people they killed"

Deku:"oh maybe"


Dabi:"it quite obvious"

Deku:We continue to look around.

To Lyida and Denki

Denki:"So is there anything you wanna buy?"


Denki:"Yeah sure we can do that but keep it down".

Bath and body works

Lyida: As we enter there was so many people I grabbed what I can.

Denki: As I was just looking around I noticed a familiar hairstyle Jirou's."Oi jirou"

Jirou: I trund around to see Denki."Oh hi Denki what are you doing here?"

Denki:"With Lyida buying stuff"

Jirou:"oh"I said as I look down

Denki:"Soo who are u with?"

Jirou:"The other girls"


Jirou:"So are u and Lyida dating?"

Denki:"What oh hell no!"

Jirou:"Oh really!?!?!?!"


Jirou:"So um I was wondering if you like to be my...."

Lyida:"Denki!!!!!". I said as I jump on him."I was looking everywhere for you!!!". I said while kissing him on the cheeks.Not noticing the girl In front of him face trun to happy to sad. She trun and walk off.

Denki:"jirou wait!"

Lyida:"Don't worry about her."

Denki"Ok let go somewhere else"

To Dabi Kira and Deku

Deku:We search the house.Im in a room with a bunch of files.i open one showing a picture of a woman

Woman information:

Name: Nana free





Eye color: green

Death: Head,arms,legs sliced off

Deku:"What the hell".I grabbed some more and put it in my bag.i continue to look till I found a DVD good thing there was a TV I insert the DVD it shows a man on a table looks like he about to get electrified.After finishing the DVD I put it in my bag I look around for more.

Dabi:Me and Kira found some ID's if people we only took a few .

Kira:Soon I heard Denki voice on the chip in my ear.he say that they are close by we should leave . Dabi and I went to go look for Deku ."oh Deku we gotta bounce!"


I'm getting lazy Soo Denki drop Lyida at her house and walk to the base were the team sat

Peace out

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