Mission 1

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Ai:It was a week since I joined UA.I get along with everyone.And my feelings for Midoriya is at 100% true I love him.Right now were at lunch I was sitting with the girls talking we all became best of friends we did everything together.We made a promise that we will stick together.

Deku:It was lunch time and it was Friday and spring break.We have mission to hunt and kill someone but we need to get out of this hell hole.I started to get a uneasy feeling about Ai I knew she like me but I have feelings for someone already.

Time skipped to the end of the day
At the hide out

AFO:"Today mission is to hunt and kill this girl".

AFO:"Today mission is to hunt and kill this girl"

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AFO:"U guys wanna have fun or not?"


Deku:"of course".

Bakugou:"it's gonna be a blood bath"

Shoto:"so what her info".

AFO:"She a black belt so be careful with her,she takes high level hero classes her ability is super human resources ur mission starts now and she has many people with powerful abilities ".

Kira:"Dabi U didn't give me ur answer".

Dabi:"huh...oh I said I'll think about it".

Kira:"buts it been a week".

Dabi:"We can do it when the kids leave".


Deku:"Yes we haven't have a mission in a serious minute!".


        After getting ready

Denki:"it might take us half of our spring break to get this girl".

Entrance of a mall.

Shoto:"why are we here?".

Kirishima:"Cause boss said she loves spending time here".

They enter the mall

Bakugou:"let's split up ".

We said as we went our separate ways.

Kirishima:I was looking in the bath and body works area but no sing of her(Lydia evergreen is the girls name)

Deku:I'm looking around in Hot topic there no sign of her.

Bakugou:I'm looking around in Spencer's and can't find her.

Shoto:I'm looking around in JCPenney no sight of her.

Denki:I was looking around in the makeup area and there she was   (Lydia is a hoe so she gos for guys she finds cute)I purposely bump into her."Oh I'm sorry miss"

Lydia: I loom up to see a boy with yellow hair and a black lightning bolt.he so handsome!

Denki:"Miss if you don't mind me asking what is your name?".

Lydia:"Lydia.... Lydia evergreen and urs?"

Denki:"Kaminari Denki"

Lydia:"If u don't mind me asking.... what are u doing in the makeup area?".

Denki:"Just looking around".

Lydia:"How bout we go and get a bite to eat.?"



Denki:"But I need to go to the bathroom".

                 In the bathroom

Denki:*whispers into chip*"Yo I found her were about to lunch we at the subway".

Shoto:"I should be there in under 2 minutes".

Kirishima:"Im across from the subway".

Bakugou:"It might take me a while to be there"

Deku:"Ok thanks I'm on my way".

Denki:"Hai". I said as I walk out the door to see Lydia waiting for me."hey"

Lydia:"oh hey".

After ordering food the mall is about to close

Lydia: Denki and I were standing outside.i was about to leave but Denki stopped me.

Denki:"Can I at least get ur number"

Lydia:"Yea" . I give him my number."buy Denki see u whenever".
I said as  run off to my limo.

Denki:I walk into a alley and there stood 4 shadows."Yo".

Bakugou:"let's go"

Deku:"yea I'm tired".

Hide out

Kira:"Dabi let do it now"

Dabi:"Fine". I said as I grab her and pull her to the lower floor.

Kira:I'm so excited.as soon as we we down stairs we grab our paint buckets  and snuck into the bosses room and started throwing paint everywhere.and quickly run out that was fun."Wasn't that fun Dabi ".


The kids came back all tired so they throw them selves on their beds. 

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