Next day

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Toga:*yawn*."Oh boy I'm tried and bored so let me go see what going on downstairs is doing." I jumped off my bed and walk downstairs to see the others getting ready.I wish i could go to but no i cant.

To Dabi and kira

Dabi: I woke up when I felt something heavy on my stomach.i opened my eyes to see the one and only Kira with a big smile on her face."What do u want?".

Kira:"Nothing". I said as I get off of him.

Dabi:"Can u leave?".

Kira:"But why?".

Dabi:"just leave".

Kira:"Fine". I said as I trund around.but be for I left I cupped Dabi cheeks and kiss his lips.then ran out the room. I heard Dabi yell my name .

Dabi:"KIRA U BRAT BETTER COME BACK HERE!!!!!". I said as I shoot flames at her witch she dodged.

Toga: I was just heading downstairs minding my damn business till I heard loud noise coming from behind me I trund around to see Kira being chased by a pissed off Dabi. I jumped out of the way.

Kirishima: Denki and I were waiting for the other downstairs till I saw Kira being chased by Dabi....again."Whoa whoa whoa! guys chill". I said as I pulled on kira's hair.and Denki blocked Dabi.

Denki:"What happened now?".

Kira:"Nothing he just started chasing me!".

Dadi:"Don't start u kissed me!".

Kirishima:"Ur getting made over a kiss?".

Dabi:"leave me alone". I said as I walk up the stairs.


Dabi:"Shut up".

Deku:"Let's head out before it get anymore intense".They all nod

The entrance of UA

Momo:"Oh it so hot I can't take it"

Uraraka:"U think".

Jirou:"I know"


Bell rings class has started

Denki:"Jeez why do we have to be here".

Mr.aizawa:"Then leave".


Jirou:He's an idiot but I have to say he cute....wait what am I saying!.

Shoto: I whisper into the chip in my ear."U Better behave ur self Denki or boss is gonna get mad".

Denki:*whispers back*"Ur not the boss of me".

Kirishima:*whispers back*"Stop fighting or else".

Bakugou:*whispers back*"or else what".

Deku:*whispers back*"shut up".

Back at the hide out

Toga:"Jeez it so boring".

Kira:"I know right my sweet Dabi is out somewhere with AFO.He didn't tell me when he's coming back cause he was mad cause I kissed him".

Toga:"We need more girls".

Soon the front door open showing Dabi and AFO.

Kira:"Dabi hey yo".i said hugging him

Dabi:"Get off". I said as I pushed her off softly.

Back at school (lunch)

Deku:The five of us were walking our table as we talk about what are we going to do next."I still have to go home to see my mom before she starts to panic cause I didn't come home bout u guys?".

Bakugou:"Both my parents are annoying".


Denki:"hm" .

Shoto:"My sister might be up..". before I couldn't my sentence someone bumped into me. I look over my shoulder to see Momo.

Momo:"I'm sorry".

Shoto:"hn". I said as I walk ahead of the others.

Uraraka:"Momo-san!". I said as I ran up to her but a blush was sent a across my face when I made eye contact with Bakugou.He glares at me.

Uraraka:"let's go Momo". I said as I pulled her away.

Okay guys buy I have to wake up before my mom start yell at me.

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