mission 3

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Denki: Lydia and I enter her house it was huge."Damn".

Lydia:"Like what you see?"

Denki:"Hell yea"

Lydia:"There more things I can show u that u might like~~~".

Denki:*chuckles* "And what would that be?".

Lydia:"That can wait till later let take a tour".

Denki:"To ur room?😏"

Lydia:"Like I said before that can wait till later".

Denki:Me and Lydia walk into the kitchen I see a woman with brown hair standing there cleaning dishes.


Veronica:"Honey.and who this?"

Lydia:"My new fri......"



Veronica:"Oh really".

Lydia:"yea I think we should go now".

Veronica:"ok bye".

Lydia:Me and Denki walk up the stairs."What was that?".

Denki:"What if u want me to stay her longer and we can know each other more". Real reason:So I can get more information on her family and there weak spot and more things.


Denki:"But can I use the bathroom???".

Lydia:"Yea just take a left door on ur right".

Denki:"Ok thanks "

After the bathroom the two went to bed yes in different rooms and now to the rest of there gang.








Midoriya:"So what y'all wanna do?"

Shoto:"Could care less".

Toga:"Life is pointless"

Bakugou:"I know  you did not just noticed that"


Kira:As u can see we are all board we all sit in the lauge we all sit on the couch.Doing our own thing.Toga and Midoriya whispering to each other kirishima and bakugou playing a video game shoto reading a book while I'm sitting on Dabi lap resting my head on his chest as he plays with my hair.We have been in this position for a long time.Yes he told me to get off a lot of times.

Dabi:I grumbled as I look down at Kira as she runs her finger up and down my stomach."Ok I need to use the bathroom get off".

Kira:"Let me go with u".

Dabi:"What no"I get up and walk to the bathroom.

Kira:I secretly follow Dabi to bathroom.

Dabi:As I open the door I see a big smilely face."Kira what is....".I got interested by a soft pear of lips on mine I look to see Kira . I kiss her back.

Kira:I rap my legs around him stomach he takes me to his room and closes the door.And the rest was history. BYEEEEEEEEEE

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