the next morning

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At school to class 1-A

Momo:"Did u guys hear what happened last night!!".

Mina:"Yea i was so scared!".

Jirou:"I know what was going on anyway all those people"

Denki:Kirishima,Deku,shoto,Bakugo and i were sitting in the back of the calssroom tunning in to what our classmates are saying.

uraraka:"But why didn't the Pros come in time?!?"

Deku:"Geez their all work up about it".

Denki:"i know but thank god it all over"

Kirishima:"Hey Denki can i ask u something?"

Denki:"Ask away".

Kirishima:"What did u do to Lydia?"

Denki:"killed her what else would i have done"


Bakugou:"Why cant this day go by faster.Im going to the bathroom.".i said getting up and walking out the classroom.

Uraraka:I watch as Bakugo leaves the room.I quickly followed. ''Bakugo wait!".

Bakugou:I heard my name be called.I trun to se round face."What is it"

Uraraka:"Do u know anything about Medoriya if he signal or not?".

Bakugo:"Huh ur asking if Deku is dating someone".


Bakugo:"well no not at the moment".

Uraraka:"oh think you!.Do u think that he would like to go on a date with me on Saturday!"

Bakugou:I watch as Uraraka face sightings with surprise."I'll ask"

Uraraka:"thank you Bakugou-chan!".i said running inside the classroom.

Bakugo:Well the nerd has admirer then.After using the bathroom.i went inside the classroom and took my seat.All the 4 boys were starting at me in interest."What!?!"

Denki:"I saw Uraraka followed u outside what happened?"

Deku:"Did u guys talk?".

Kirishima:"If u guys were talking what was yall talking about?".

Shoto:"im sleepy".

Bakugo:"gahhh shut up already yea we talked.She said that she wanted to go in a date with Deku on Saturday".


Deku:"huh a date with me?!"

Bakugo:"Shut the hell up u damn nerd!!".



Denki:"Just saying".

Kirishima:"Yall just weird".


Shoto:*soft snor*

To the base

Toga:*sigh*.it so boring when Deku isn't here .He wont be back till school is over.sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lame.He my killing buddy

Kira:I walk downstairs to see Toga with a upset look on her face."what happened my sweet but psycho little one".

Toga:"Deku not here!".

Kira:"Poor thing wanna talk". I said sitting next to her.

Toga:I look at kira stomach.i rest my head on her lap."Hii little guy can u hear me im toga im going to be ur big sister!"

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