mission 9 idk what to call this

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I know the chapter before was lame and idk but was it confusing?

Mina and the other girls are texting in a group chat

Mina:"oi did you hear about the murder last night?😨"

Momo:"yes the girl was about our age😥"

Ai:"the girl was burn to the crisp"

Jirou:" that sad she had a good life and I hope the person who did it get caught"

uraraka:"I'm was so scared .I feel bad for the girl parents".

tsuyu:" it not to far from were we live only a few minutes away"

Momo:"Y'all wanna meet up somewhere?"


Ai:. "I have no plans"

Jirou:"good case I'm bored"


Uraraka:"I'm already ready"

To the bace

AFO:"What u two did was dangerous what if someone saw you!?"

Dabi:"At least we got the person"

Kira:"It was 1:00 who else would be outside "


Kira:"Shut up toga!"

Deku:"So I just saw the news and I think they are complaining about how....". I was interrupted when we heard the doors open we trun to see tomura and Kurogiri ."Ur finally here".

Tomura:"Sorry it took me long we had a little trouble getting here"

The team sits at the table discussing information

Tomura:"Such a small group of people we should add a few"

Dabi:"11 is not enough"

Shoto:"Why should we add anyone else?"

Tomura:"Why not the more the merrier also if we are in battle I dout 11 would do"

Toga:"Yeah we should add more girls into the team"


Bakugou:"You just come our of nowhere and start to acting all big and bad. Just who do you are?"

AFO:"Calm down Bakugou"

Bakugou:"Calm down my ass"

kirishima:"I guess we could add a few more people".

Denki:"Why dose it matter?".Soon my phone vibrates I look to see a message from Lyida.'Asking can I come over to her house."Well I gotta go". I said as I get up my seat.

Deku:"Where you going?"

Kirishima:"To his girlfriend house!"

Denki:"She not my girlfriend don't try that". I said rolling my eyes

To the girls




Mina:"oh Denki just posted a picture on Snapchat with Lyida".

Momo:"Oh seems like they are at her house"

Tsuyu:"how would you know that?"


Jirou:"Can we change the subject now".

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