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Violet's POV

Opening the door, we were greeted by a man and a woman I had never seen before.  He was dressed very professionally: a white button down, black suit pants and black dress shoes, a gold watch on his wrist.  His black hair was tied back in a small bun on the back of his head, the sides shaved.  He had a long face, a small amount of stubble growing on his chin and jawline.  But the most interesting feature were his eyes, the bright blue orbs burning holes in me. 

She, on the other hand, was an android.  Her blue LED on her temple, beautiful blonde hair pulled back into a low ponytail, she had the same eyes as the man.  She wore a navy blue pencil dress that stopped at her knees, she must not feel the cold. 

I was at a loss for words, my throat feeling dry all of a sudden.  He spoke before I could, "Hello, I'm looking for..."

He was cut off by Connor stepping next to me, a devilish smile growing on the man's face, his voice sounding happy when he saw Connor's presence,"You." 

Connor quickly looked horrified, his normal calming presence filled with a tense one.  He tried to put a neutral expression on his face, "Hello, Mr. Kamski.  W-why are you here?"

Kamski chuckled, rubbing his hands together to warm them, I hadn't noticed how cold it was this morning.  "Please, Connor, call me Elijah or just Kamski.  And, this is Chloe.  I have a question for you, Connor, one that might interest you greatly." 

When Connor nodded, I opened the door widely, letting Kamski and Chloe inside.  I closed it behind him and felt the tension in the room.  Clearing my throat, I put a smile on my face, "Elijah, here, I'll take your coat.  Can I get you anything to drink?" 

I hung his coat on the coat rack in the corner, Kamski smiled back.  "I would love some coffee, please, that'd be lovely."

I nodded and walked to Hank's coffee maker, putting on a pot of coffee and waiting for the small ding.  Kamski and Connor sat opposite of eachother at the kitchen table.  The room was so quiet, so when the coffee machine dinged I almost jumped. 

"So, Connor, as you know I left CyberLife many years ago.  However, when Amanda left us, she also left us her unfinished projects.  Of course, you were one of her designs.  However, she had plans for an upgraded version of you before you were even deployed.  Sadly, her death brought the end to her projects.  You were mostly complete, so as my final project at CyberLife, I finished you.  You were deployed a few years after I finished, leaving it to those egg heads to edit to what they deemed correct.  Little did I know, they were working on her other projects without telling me."  Kamski's eyes darkened when he spoke of CyberLife working on this Amanda's projects. 

I set the cup next to him, he muttered a small thank you. Connor seemed distressed, like he has a past with these people. Suddenly it hit me, Kamski is the person Connor and Hank went to ask about deviancy and programming right before I left. What happened that day?

To comfort Connor, I sat next to him and rubbed his forearm, he seemed to calm at the action. Kamski's eyes followed my hand. "Are you two...together?"

A blue hue filled Connor's cheeks, he nodded confidently. Kamski's eyes moved to meet my own, "And are you human or an android?"

I stopped rubbing Connor's arm, moving my hand down to hold his own. Our artificial skin removing itself to reveal the robotic body of our hands. Kamski and Chloe nodded slowly. Oddly, a smile tugged at his lips.

"Wonderful, truly a breakthrough, if you ask me. Connor, you already showed empathy last time we saw eachother, and now I have seen you show many new emotions in the short time I've been here. Fascinating..." Kamski ended in a whisper, now I need to know what happened that day.

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