Reclaim Your Mind

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Connor's POV

The bed was cold, a frown growing on my face. The sheets smelt like her. Groggily, I opened my eyes. Violet was no where to be seen, a sigh escaped my lips. Stretching, I sat up in the bed and looked around. She folded my clothes and left them on her side of the bed.

In a few minutes, I was dressed. I went to put the clip back on my tie and noticed the time. The clock on the bedside table read 12:32. My eyes widened, why did Hank let me sleep so long?

I opened the door and walked towards the living room. Hank was sat on the couch watching some show on the television. He was eating bacon and eggs, I might not eat but the food did look very appetizing.

Quiet humming filled my ears.  As I turned towards the kitchen, there was Violet, putting the egg carton back in the fridge.  She had put her legging back on and wore a dark blue flannel.  Her hair was in a neat bun atop her head, her bangs styled to cover her LED. 

"Good morning, Connor.  How'd you sleep?" She gave me a kind smile, walking past me, a cup of coffee in hand.  She placed the cup on the coffee table in front of Hank, then sat on the love seat. 

"I slept fine.  Why aren't we heading to work? It's past noon." A concerned tone shown through my voice.  Violet patted the seat next to her, giving me a smile. 

I sat next to her, looking I Hank, "Work called, we have a pretty much free day unless you get informed about a new case."  Hank sipped his coffee, turning to Violet, "You know, for going out on the streets you didn't seem to have much on you, just that one bag.  Do you have more stuff in storage?"

She rubbed her hands together, "Sort of." Hank cut her off before she could finish, "Hey, there's no need to explain. Whatever it is, I completely understand."

"If you need to go anywhere and get yourself, feel free. And take Connor with you if you do, I need a night alone anyways." Hank finished off with taking a sip of his coffee, setting the empty cup back on the table.

Violet immediately stood and went to refill his cup. As deviant as she is, she still seems to show standard android qualities. Oddly enough, this made me frown. Why?

"Vi, you don't need to do everything for me. You already cleaned a lot and made me breakfast, you have thanked me enough for letting you stay here." Hank chuckled when she still set a full cup back on the table. "You're as stubborn as him sometimes." He pointed back at me.

"I might actually head over there, get some clothes at least." She got her jacket from the kitchen chair. She looked over at me, "Would you like to join me Connor?"

"Yes, of course." I walked to her side and waved to Hank. "Goodbye Lieutenant."

"See ya soon Hank!"

Violet's POV

The bus was quiet, Connor had to wait in the android compartment. It was....frustrating. I looked at him, his LED was yellow. I don't think he likes being so close to so many androids he doesn't know.

"Strange things, aren't they?" A elderly voice shocked me back to reality. An elderly lady had moved a seat away from me, she was working on a crossword puzzle. "I-I beg your pardon?" Damn my nervousness.

She chuckled and looked up from her crossword, "I don't mean it in a bad way dear. Strange thing they are, smarter and better in every way but we are superior? Well people like me anyways." I paused, "People like you?"

The lady smiled up at me, her grey eyes looking into my soul, " I have the worst eye sight dear, but even I can see your LED. Just a word of advice, I'd remove it. One slip up around the wrong people, and it won't end well. There's a war coming, wether we like it or not."

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