Steamy Situations

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Violet's POV

Last night, the president intervened when she saw our message. She called for a momentary pause in the destruction of androids until further notice. We won this war, or so I thought.

The hatred and bigotry towards androids will never end. Just like Markus said, "They've been slaughtering each other for centuries over the color of their skin or what god they wanted to worship. Violence is just in their genes."

While helping Markus and other androids clean up the debris from last night's rally, a row of black vehicles approached us. I wanted so badly to pull out my gun, protect us from whoever it is in the vehicles.

I was taken aback when the president herself stepped from one of the SUV's. Soldiers and body guards were with her, but she looked happy to see us. Markus stepped forward, her attention brought to him.

He kneeled in front of her, "Madam President, what an unexpected visit."

She chuckled, "Stand, Markus, there's no need to bow or kneel. Here, I am your equal. I wanted to talk with you about the demands you and your people have made."

Markus rose, a shocked look on his face, "Really? President Warren, I don't know what to say."

She chuckled and stuck out her hand to him, "Please, call me Cristina. I apologize for all the security, I wouldn't have been allowed to meet you without them. It's nice to finally meet you."

He shook her hand in disbelief, "I-it's nice to meet you as well. Where would you like to discuss our demands?"

She waved her hand, "Dear, it's early in the morning, we have all day to discuss these things. First, if you don't mind, I'd like to get to meet your people, and perhaps make amends for those lost from the FBI's wrong doings."

Markus looked back at us, I nodded vigorously. It's not everyday you meet the president. Turning back to her, he smiled, "I'd be happy to let you, Cristina."

She returned the smile, I feel bad for the woman. Spending a majority of her life a social media star and being thrust into the president position without a clue of how to run things. With a 33% approval rate, I can't even begin to imagine the stress she's under from everything.

"Who are your friends? The ones you stood with at your rally to address your people." Her smiled and told her security team to clean up the mess from the rally.

"Ma'am, it isn't necessary, we can clean up after ourselves." Markus insisted, but she interrupted, "Ah, no, dear Markus, I will clean up the mess Perkins made. Him and his swat teams work on their own instructions, but he is still one of my men, so I am still responsible for his actions."

Markus gave up and smiled, "Would you like anything to eat or drink? With this side of Detroit being unavailable to the community, most restaurants and establishments were left open so we could get you something."

She chuckled, "No, No, I'm alright. Now please, who are your friends? I've been dying to meet them."

Markus lead her back to us, Simon bowed. I held back a laugh and leaned to whisper to him, "She said not to kneel or bow."

I saw his eyes go wide as he got back up, "M-my apologies, still a bit overwhelmed from last night." Simon gave a nervous smile, I patted his shoulder.

Markus stepped forward and took North's hand, "Cristina, this is North, she's my girlfriend. She's been by my side through all of this." Markus looked to North with loving eyes.

The president held her heart and smiled, holding out her hand to North, "Hello, North. It's good to meet you, Markus is a lucky man to have you."

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