A Wise Man Once Told Me

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Connor's POV

We pulled up to the house, I hope Violet is here. Instead of waiting for Hank to get out of the car, I hopped out fast and ran to the door. Hank left the door unlocked, but it's locked now.

Hank placed a hand on my shoulder and stepped in front of me, unlocking the door. He held the door open for me, I ran inside and looked around, Sumo springing to ͏life. The house felt dead.

I ran to our bedroom, worry painted on my face. Please Violet, please still be here. I opened the door, Violet wasn't there. Hank sighed and stepped beside me, "Connor... you heard Chris, Violet is with those Deviants in Jericho now."

I fell to my knees, my cheeks felt wet. Tears fell from my eyes, I covered my face in my hands. I hurt her... that's how she will remember me. The asshole who fell in Love with her, died in front of her, then broke her heart.

Before I knew it, I was sobbing. Hank hugged me, Vi was right, comfort is good. "C'mon kid, at least we know she's safe. And if she ever got caught by the police, we could protect her."

I wiped off my face, my head felt heavy. I sighed and nodded, I can't cry forever, Violet wouldn't want that either. Standing to my feet, I gave Hank a kind smile and closed the bedroom door after he left.

I sat on my side of the bed, and noticed a piece of paper on the night stand. My hands shook as I held the paper, my system isn't used to being this overwhelmed. It was a picture of me, I was smiling. This is how she sees me, not an asshole, but a light in the darkness. The detailing was beautiful, Violet's signature hung in the bottom right corner. I scanned the paper, I could see where her lips were pressed against the paper.

I kissed the paper where she had, I smiled at it. "I love you too..."  my voice was weak, shaky.

Hank called me into the kitchen, he held a note in his hand. I sat in the chair next to him, we both read in silence.  Once I was finished, Hank hugged me once more.  Sumo walked over and rubbed his head against my leg, I pet him.  Every creature has their own way of comforting, maybe I'm more human than I thought...

Violet's POV

Markus, North, Josh, Simon and I walked into the plaza.  We are going to make the humans listen, they can't tune us out.  Today, we march, we show them that we are peaceful but we need them to listen. 

North turned to Markus, "This is suicide.  We'll all be killed!  Please Markus...it's not too late to change your mind." 

This time, Markus didn't answer, Josh did, "You don't understand.  We are finally going to show them who we really are.  This place will go down in history." He seems a little annoyed with North's negativity. 

"We'll be killed on the spot!" She whisper yelled at him. 

"That's a risk I'm willing to take if it means freedom for our people." Yup, Josh is annoyed. 

She ignored him and leaned to Markus, "Markus, please, don't do this."

Markus avoided her eyes, "They'll understand.  We'll make them understand.  This is the only way." 

Convert more androids and proceed to the streets.

"Markus, how do you do that?"  I whispered behind him, "Convert androids I mean, I've done it before but I only tried overriding their programming." 

Markus chuckled and motioned for me to follow him.  He placed his hand on an androids shoulder, "I give them our message, show them things can be different.  The programming practically replaces itself." 

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