A Sleeping World

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Quick A/N!!
Hey guys! Before I started working on a new chapter for this book, I decided to do a little fan art of my own! 😊 plus this can help with visualizing Violet a little better if anyone ever struggles with it(I know I have with stories). But still, you're fully up to your own interpretation of how Violet looks, I just wanted to show how I first envisioned her as a character for this story. Thank you so much for reading, and let's get on with the chapter!💜

Violet's POV

Android sleep is different than human sleep. We enter a space in our mind where, like human dreams, time is faster than the outside world. Before I embraced my deviancy, my place in my mind is where I went over tasks I needed to do in the next day along with a routine self diagnosis. Now, my dreams are whatever my mind wants them to be: adventures, hopes, aspirations, Connor, the investigations, whatever I want. It's better this way.

I opened my eyes, someone was shaking me awake.  I was expecting Connor to be waking me up, but it was Hank leaning back from the front seat. 
"We're here, kid." He gave a tired smile and got out of the car, walking inside of the house. 

A yawn escaped my mouth, not moving from my previous position.  I went to rub my eyes but I couldn't move my right hand.  Moving my coat, earlier events came back to me.  My hands were still linked with Connor's.  I glanced up at him, he was also asleep. 

I wonder if he could see my dreams, could feel what it was like to be free through them.  His head rest against the seat, I giggled to myself.  I focused on everything beautiful I could think of, from the galaxies I read in books, to all the flowers I planted at Shawn's House.  Connor's LED flowed a bright blue, a smile creeping on his face. 

I smiled to myself, removing my hand from his.  The smile left his face.  I planted my lips lightly on his cheek, causing him to stir lightly.  I held back a laugh and shook his shoulders. 

His eyes shot open, he looked at me.  Giggling, I asked,"Did you have a nice dream?"  He rubbed his eyes and sat up fully, "I....yes, it was d-different." 

"You'll have to tell me about it later, we're home, c'mon." I gave a tired smile, he nodded.  As we stepped out of the car, the cold air immediately almost knocked me to the ground.  As much as I love feeling the temperature, being cold fucking sucks sometimes. 

Connor held my coat out for me, letting me slip my arms into it.  "Thank you, Connor." A blush creeping onto my face.  As we started walking towards the front door, I noticed Connor staring at the stars.  I giggled to myself, lacing my fingers with his.  "It's beautiful isn't it?" His voice sounded huskier than normal, he was looking at me.  "T-the uh..the sky I mean." A smirk appeared on my face
I released his hand and opened the door. 

Connor's POV

I took Violet's coat and turned to put it on a chair.  A loud gasp and a thud caused me to jump.  Hank ran into the room and looked at me, we both looked down at Violet.....and Sumo..

"HI YOU BIG 'OLE WOOFER!" Her eyes lit up like a child that had too much candy. She fell to the ground to lay next to Sumo.  "I see you've met Sumo." Hank eased and laughed to himself.  "Sumo, this is Violet.  Be nice to her." Hank spoke to the dog.

I held out my hand for Violet, she took my hand.  "Why thank you kind sir." She faked a posh accent.  I pulled her up, her feet slipping from under neath her.  My hands slipped around her,  she looked up at me. "Okay for real this time, thank you. Oh my god that would have hurt." She laughed. 

Being this close, my metallic heart skipped a beat.  I noticed light freckles dancing across her cheeks and nose.  I can notice the slight bags under her eyes. A scar above her left eyebrow.  It's all beautiful. 

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