I Lost My Love, But You Don't Have to Lose Yours

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3rd Person's POV

Splashing could be heard all around the ship, from both the exploding hold and the androids dropping in the cold water.   Perkins leaned out of the hole in the side of the ship that the androids had just leapt from, the barrel of his gun emitting smoke from the bullets he fired.

Bright fire exploded from the windows on the ships sides on the lower floors, the sound was deafening.  The kind of 'boom' that shakes your core, feeling the explosion in your heart like with fireworks on the Fourth of July.  Yet, unlike the pleasant mood of the holiday, this day is somber and leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. 

Two soldiers stood with Perkins, one spoke up, "They detonated an explosive in the hold. The ship is sinking, Sir." Perkins lingered at the edge of the hole for a moment, ferocious thoughts swirling in his mind. 

Instead of the angry shouting the soldiers were expecting, his voice was short and quiet, but sharp: it was like a knife. "Order the men to evacuate."  His dark eyes never leaving the black water so far down below him. 

The soldiers began running the other direction, talking on their radios, "Calling all units! Abandon ship and evacuate immediately!" 

The room was empty except for Perkins who still stared deadly into the water, waiting for someone or something to pop out of it, "This isn't over, Markus..." The agent finally walking away.

Markus, North, Connor, Josh, and Simon resurfaced above the water, they all gasped for air.  Markus's eye was caught by a group of androids who were hiding on the beach below the docks.  He signaled for the other to follow. 

Once they reached the blisteringly cold sand, Markus didn't see Violet.  He panicked,  his head turning side to side rapidly looking for his ally, his friend.  His eyes finally settles on Connor, who's grasping her body close to his. 

Was it the cold that caused Connor to shake so much? Or was it the sobs that burned his eyes and stabbed at his heart? Markus and North couldn't tell, North hugged Connor, promising that she'd be alright, but they both knew she couldn't promise that. 

Markus rubbed his eyes and laid his head in his hand, desperation filling them all.  He placed his fingers to his temple, once again his voice echoed through the minds of the people of Jericho, "There is a warehouse we could  go to for right now, stay safe and avoid the streets." 

He sent the location of the warehouse, it isn't far from here.  They acted fast, taking alleyways,  rooftops, and whatever else the androids used to get there.  It was secluded, quiet.  But the sobs of androids was enough to fill the building. 

Once Connor got inside, he held Violet closer than he already had been.  His fingers tangling in her curling black hair, his tears dampening his old jacket.  Markus placed a hand on Connor's shoulder, as did Simon. 

Simon leaned into Connor, "She saved my life, you know.  A while back, on top of the roof of the broadcast building.  I want to return the favor, I'll do whatever I can to fix her.  I promise." 

Connor gave a weak smile, resting his head against Violet's shoulder, "T-thank you, Simon.  Could you take a look at her? See if there are any spare parts she might need here?" 

Simon nodded, motioning for him to follow him.  Simon pulled out an old mattress that homeless people most likely left here, Connor laid her body on the surprisingly soft bed. 

Connor and Simon scanned her body, three of her biocomponents were destroyed by bullets.  One of her ocular components was fractured, nonfunctioning;  Once opening her eyes to see the damage, they saw that her eye was a dark blue.  Thirium has flooded the piece.  Her auditory synthesizer was cracked, but could be repaired.  Her Thirium Pump Regulator, on the other hand, had two bullets lodged in it.  It is beyond repair. 

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