Brother in Arms

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So before I start this chapter,  I would like you all to meet my new cat Sumo! I hope you all enjoy this chapter, I love you all and thank you for reading!💜💕

So before I start this chapter,  I would like you all to meet my new cat Sumo! I hope you all enjoy this chapter, I love you all and thank you for reading!💜💕

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3rd Person's POV

Here is where it all started. Where the androids of Detroit were created, distributed, and even some destroyed. One of the very first androids, an AX400 model, was built here. She was then destroyed midway through a System Test. She cried out 'Im scared!' It still seems to echo through the empty halls of the now abandoned building.

Android testing was different back then. Pieced together and assembled several times a day, and if they showed any sign of emotion or said key words like 'hope' they would be wiped and disassembled once again. Only to be put back together soon, onto the next test, with a new scientist.

Androids were disassembled constantly for showing emotion back then, all begging not to be reset or destroyed. It was common, and no scientist felt the remorse. But this android was different. This android, her screams were different.

Connor had read about her before, seeing as she was the first full blooded deviant, he thought it was a good place to start. Those who were destroyed for showing emotion, weren't deviants. Just the byproduct of antsy scientists who looked too much into a smile.

Connor's POV

The elevator ride was very different than how it was before. Instead of music emitting from the speakers, nothing but silence surrounded us.

Why am I so nervous? All I'm doing is meeting a new android, it's not a big deal. But he was supposed to replace me, maybe that's it? Or maybe it's the fact that I'm scared to be technically obsolete.

Violet could sense I was tense, so she intertwined my fingers with her own. I threw a small smile her way. It's still strange to me how in a little over a month she's changed my outlook on life. The first time we held hands, I didn't know what to think. It was so foreign and, at the time, wrong. Now, I'd give absolutely anything to always be close to her.

I oddly wanted to chuckle at the thought. Maybe Kamski would write a book on this whole thing, go into detail about how an android found Love, family, and a long lost brother.  Markus's old owner, Carl Mandfred, he could have written a wonderful book on the recent events and developing android mentality. 

The elevator dinged, signaling we were at our floor.  While I don't remember much of my time here, most of them being erased before being deployed, I knew I've been on this floor before. 

System diagnostic rooms mainly filled this floor, along with holding cases for androids waiting to be deployed.  If he is anywhere in this building, this would definitely be the floor.  I couldn't help but notice Violet typing on a computer at the floor management desk. 

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