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I AM (Connor X OC) - DBH by omnomnomfood
I AM (Connor X OC) - DBHby Andrea Elk
Connor - Detroit: Become Fanfic (Connor X OC) Hello. I am an CR300 Android, designed to serve you, the Detroit Police Force. I am working to solve the influx of red ice...
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  • kara
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Can I Ask You a Personal Question? || Connor x Fem!Reader || D:BH by SamaPanda1995
Can I Ask You a Personal SamaPanda1995
About three months after the events of Detroit: Become Human, Connor continues to struggle with his new-found emotions. Despite CyberLife chasing after him, he has conti...
  • dbh
  • action
  • xreader
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DETROIT: Become Human [one-shots] by catharsxs
DETROIT: Become Human [one-shots]by l e a h
▵One-shots about all the lovely characters in Detroit: Become Human! ▵Updates may be slow. I do not write smut/lemons. ▵More info in the first and second chapter !! ▵CR...
  • luther
  • rk800
  • simon
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Saving the Broken (Connor x Deviant!Reader) by spiritwing13
Saving the Broken (Connor x Spiritwing13
"I'm broken." "Then you can be fixed." "You can't fix something this broken." "I can try."
  • connorxreader
  • hankdbh
  • connor
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Hank x Connor- together in the afterlife by random_trash666
Hank x Connor- together in the Ethan
Back at it again with another Hank x Connor story. This story is based after my "we could do it again" story. Before you read this make sure you've read the l...
  • cyberlife
  • oof
  • homo
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Story Shifted [Human Connor X Android Reader] by FranStudios
Story Shifted [Human Connor X Fran Elizabeth Storm
In this story, Connor is Hank's son. You are the android that accompanies them. Will you finally crawl out of your programmed shell, or will you just be another piece of...
  • humanconnor
  • mood
  • androidreader
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Alive (DBH) ✔️ by Espari
Alive (DBH) ✔️by Artemis
Tessa Manfred is the daughter of the famous artist Carl Manfred. She spends most of her days assisting the family android, Markus, in taking care of her elderly father...
  • murder
  • thriller
  • josh
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Connor RK800 x Child!reader by planetcathy
Connor RK800 x Child!readerby PlanetCat
After getting semi used to writing with my first book, and having just gotten into Detroit:Become Human, here is another book with everyone's favourite boy Connor. Get r...
  • hankanderson
  • childreader
  • connorrk800
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We Live, Therefore We Are | Connor x Human Reader (female) by TheSugarLiz
We Live, Therefore We Are | 💀⭐️SugarLiz⭐️💀
You never had anything against androids... In fact, you're rather fascinated by everything about them. And always treating them with kindness and respect, just like huma...
  • detroit
  • cyberlife
  • xreader
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『∂εтяσιт: вεcσмε нυмαη  σ η ε s н σ т s』 by AriellaR1
『∂εтяσιт: вεcσмε нυмαη σ η ε s н ⚘Ariella Rose⚘
This is a one shot book that I decided to create myself and REQUEST ARE CLOSED RIGHT NOW :) 《What's Allowed》 ⇰ Lgbtq ⇰ Smut ⇰ Fluff ⇰ Angst ⇰ Anything Really 《What's No...
  • cyberlife
  • jerry
  • luther
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Detroit: Become Human X Male Reader Oneshots by LifeInANutshelll
Detroit: Become Human X Male Dysfunctional Troll
That. Is. A long ass title. ANYWAYS I FUCKING LOVE THIS GAME AND THIS BOOK Is many much of the gay. So yea. No spoilers Requests: plz do I only have boyxboy planned S...
  • kara
  • lime
  • malekara
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Connor X Reader Oneshots by FranStudios
Connor X Reader Oneshotsby Fran Elizabeth Storm
I suppose this is a little book where I write small fantasies and stories about Connor. There is swearing! Requests can be taken and I can even do OC requests if wanted...
  • deviancy
  • becomehuman
  • connor
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Deviant By Design (ConnorxReader) by chillsushi
Deviant By Design (ConnorxReader)by Amy
Connor x Android Reader. Read to find out :D (Cover art by yours truly) Warnings: Cursing +violence
  • connordbh
  • detroitbecomehuman
  • readerinsert
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Connor || Detroit War by ConnorParkerAllen
Connor || Detroit Warby C.Allen
~WE ARE ALIVE Connor is more than just a android. He is a friend, a son, a detective. This book is collection of one shots mainly about Connor, thus the title :). I hope...
  • friends
  • dbh
  • alice
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alive.  ≫ ≫   detroit become human. by vorrtexx
alive. ≫ ≫ detroit become J Λ Y
【"they are alive... you're alive... and you're real enough for me"】detroit: become human x reader 『female pronouns』 Highest Rankings #1 - connorxreader #290...
  • detroitbecomehumanfanfiction
  • kara
  • xreader
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Emotion Filled Eyes (Connor x Reader) by -Froggy_Chi-
Emotion Filled Eyes (Connor x •MADRIGAL•
)this is a story that depends on YOUR decisions collectively( (Y/n). A beautiful girl for a country many hours of flight away. She comes with her exotic views on thing...
  • xreader
  • love
  • human
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Child Android | Detroit Become Human x Gender Neutral Child Reader | by SANSational_Aus
Child Android | Detroit Become SANSational_AU'S
"The new child android model! Obedient, Customizable, the perfect child!" Cyber life has created a new model android. They see that it is too perfect to ruin...
  • fanfiction
  • genderneutral
  • platonic
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TRIGGERED  by HelenaBrittany
TRIGGERED by Lena Brittany 🏁
Who am I kiddin'? Knew from the beginning You'd ruin everything, you do it every time You are my enemy, you are no friend of mind - Jhene
  • dannyglover
  • bigsean
  • urban
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D:BH Conner x Human Reader by Animetrash9000
D:BH Conner x Human Readerby I'm Just There Sup
You were a bit different from your peers and elders, you liked Androids. You liked your personal Android your sister named Rebecca. And so you took up Engineering in or...
  • kara
  • markus
  • conner
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Love is not compatible || Connor x Reader (DBH) by MysticAllen
Love is not compatible || Connor MysticAllen
Y/N was born in a world without androids. When she was ten, Chloe, the first android was created. Is this why she is sympathetic to the android cause now? How will she h...
  • cyberlife
  • androids
  • android
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