Adrenaline and Fear

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Connor's POV

I lowered my hands, the gun in them made me feel sick now.  Sliding the metal object into my pocket, I gave Markus a sympathetic look.

I was pushed aside by Violet engulfing me in a hug, her arms wrapping around my neck.  I let out a shaky breath, my heart swelled in my chest, I wrapped my arms around her and lifted her off the ground.  I spun her around, Markus chuckled from where he stood;  He was shaking his head at us. 

I could hear a very distant sound of helicopter blades in the sky, neither Violet or Markus seemed to notice.  It's Perkins... he must have watched the security tapes and saw that I found the location to Jericho.  Even after becoming a deviant, I still seem to help them without wanting to. 

I pulled away from Violet, panic covering my features.  Markus stared at me confused, I spoke, "They're going to attack Jericho." Markus looked both furious and horrified, "What?"

The sound of ferociously loud helicopter blades slicing through the air above the ship made us all look around horrified.  Violet wasted no time grabbing her backpack and throwing it over her shoulders.  She pulled a gun from her waist band and nodded to Markus and I, "We can catch up later, right now we need to focus on getting the hell out of here." 

Markus and I nodded, we acted quick.  Running down the set of stairs and into one of the abandoned corridors of the ship, I didn't spend much time investigating when I first arrived.  A large helicopter flew only a few feet above us. 

Swat members slid down ropes from the helicopters, armored trucks pulling up to Jericho's front door.  We heard screams down the other corridors, gunshots could be heard.  I stomached my guilt and ran forward with Markus and Violet. 

Once down another flight of stairs, we crossed paths with the female android from earlier, North.  She's shaken up, and the gun shots around her aren't helping, "They're coming from all sides!  Our people are trapped in the hold! They're going to be slaughtered!"

Markus held two fingers to his temple, his voice emitted through my head, "There are exits on the second and third floor.  Find them and jump in the river." 

He lowered his fingers, and spoke again, "Where's Simon? A-and Josh?" He looked around frantically, North stepped forward, "I don't know, we got separated."

I could see Violet out of the corner of my eye, she looks horrified.  A pain in my heart struck me,  I intertwined my fingers with hers.  Her eyes met mine, I gave her a loving smile.  I could feel her heart slow, her stress lowering; She smiled weakly back at me, giving my hand a squeeze.  My Violet.

Markus furrowed his brows, "They're coming from the upper deck now too. We'll be caught in the crossfire!"  North, obviously paranoid of swat teams turning the corner at any moment, spoke with a shaky voice, "We have to run, Markus! There's nothing we can do!" 

Her last statement made Markus think, his eyes widened and he stepped close to North, "We have to blow up Jericho." Violet's grip on my hand tightened, her eyes widening. 

"If the ship goes down, they'll evacuate and our people can escape!" He looked ready to run, North grabbed his wrist, "You'll never make it! The explosives are all the way down in the hold, there are soldiers everywhere."

I spoke up, eyes turned to me, "She's right! They know who you are, they'll do anything to get you!"

Markus sighed and turned to North, "Go and join the others, I'll join you later." "Markus!" "I won't be long."

"Markus, take this. Kill these assholes." Violet stepped away from me and to Markus, handing her pistol to Markus. Markus grabbed the gun, "But Violet, what if you need it?" She held her hand up, and looked at North, "Just don't be long, we will be fine."  He hesitantly nodded.

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