Loving You(Smut!)

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Connor's POV

Her words sent shivers down my spine, I stood up and began unbuttoning my jeans. Her eyes never left mine, the green orbs so seductive in the moonlight.

Violet followed my actions, sliding off her own pants. I kicked the jeans that hung at my ankles off into a corner of the room, the only thing holding me back was the CyberLife boxers that clung tightly to my body. She smiled devilishly as she undid the clasp of her bra, throwing it by my pants.

I oddly felt self conscious in the moment, gulping as she smiled heavenly at me. I nodded curtly and pulled down my boxers, revealing my erect member above her. She let out a shaky breath, I think she's as nervous as I am. That calms my mind a tad, knowing we feel the same in this moment.

Regaining my confidence, I leaned over her. Leaving a trail of kisses down her neck and collar bone, I reached her plump breasts. She looked down at me, her heart beating furiously. I let a smirk cover my face, licking at one of her peaks. She let out a low moan, her hand getting lost in my hair.

I held myself up with one arm and let the other slip down to her lower half. Tracing circles on her thighs and pelvis bone, moans escaping her ruby lips. My hands were shaky from the rush, my fingers finding their way to her core.

She let out a sharp gasp, then moaned deeply. Violet tried to muffle her sweet noises, knowing Hank was in the room next to ours. I rubbed my fingers along her clothed slit, she gave a sharp moan when my fingers rubbed her clit. I pressed a little harder there, moving my fingertips over her pearl.

What I would give to have a picture of her face in this moment: a blue blush covering her cheeks, hooded eyes, lips parted, and heavy breaths escaping them. I smiled slightly up at her, my teeth brushing her tender buds. A sharp whimper escaping her lips, her sound sending chills down my spine and pleasure to my cock.

I stifled a groan, it instead rumbling in my throat. Releasing her hard buds from my lips, I kissed the other and trailed my way down her center. My lips reached the hem of her purple underwear, I mentally chuckled to myself, the color fits her perfectly.

My eyes darted back to hers, her teeth biting her bottom lip. She looks a mess, I felt a weird pride fill me. My teeth bit the hem of her underwear, pulling them down her legs. I'd never been so close to her legs, the silky skin brushing my cheeks.

Once it were off her body, I stared at her form laying naked before me. So beautiful. I slid my hands up her legs, slowly and teasingly parting them. Her wet slit begged for attention, I was breathless at the position. Seeing her so vulnerable, seeing her in this moment as mine and mine alone.

My tongue made contact with her core, brushing up through her folds. I could hear a sharp breath escape her lips, her fingers entangling themselves back in my dark hair. I let one hand slip from her thigh, my middle finger penetrating her. As my finger slipped it, I pumped slowly, letting her adjust to it.

She covered her mouth, muffled moans underneath. I slid in another finger and pumped harder and faster, my tongue again finding her clit, sucking on the sweet bud. As this continued I kept my attention on her body, I could tell she was close.

Pulling my fingers out of her, Violet gave a short whimper, knowing she was so close as well. As much as I'd love to see her come undone before me, I can't wait any longer. Crawling back above her, she planted a kiss on my cheek. I smirked devilishly down at her, licking my fingers clean from her sweet juices.

I could feel my shaft slid against her slit, it twitching with pleasure. Her arms wrapped around my neck, giving me a nod. Adrenaline filled my body, I let my cock glide through her tender folds then pressing into her. She moaned loudly as my member slid into her, inch my inch. I kissed her deeply, muffling her noises that send shivers up my spine.

The further I got, the more pleasure covered my thoughts. I let out an exasperated gasp, the feeling so pleasuring. I pulled back out, a pushed back in, moans racking us both. Starting slow, my body begging for more, I began thrusting with more force. Pumping faster and faster, my endorphins running rampant.

She moved her hips to meet my pace, begging for more. I moved her legs and placed them on my shoulders, pushing deeper into her. She moaned sharply, moving her hands to cover her mouth and grasp the bedsheets. My grasp on her hips was tight, I could tell she enjoyed it, despite the fact she would most likely bruise.

I could feel us both coming to the end of our roads, gasps leaving us both. She's close, so very close. I let out a low growl and leaned forward hitting that sweet, sweet spot. She cried out beneath her hand, my name falling from her lips in a pant. Her back arched, her legs shaking against me.

Her arms wrapped back around my neck, her nails trailing desperately down my back. I let out shaky breaths, I'm close. "Vi...I-I'm going to..." I couldn't get the full sentence out, a groan emitting from my throat.

She whimpered, "Do it, Connor. I want it..." Her words made me go faster and harder, the knot in my stomach coming undone. I could feel my seed fill her, pulling out from her lovely body. My body slouching over her, her quiet moans filling my ears. Coming to a stop, my eyes met her own. She smiled, a small chuckle escaping her lips.

I did the same, then pressed my lips against her own. It was sweet, and loving. We both needed this, with everything that happened at Jericho and in the revolution, we missed eachother. The memories of the past few weeks storming back into my mind, everything bad that happened for our revolution.

Still, I'd do it all again just to be with her once again. Violet's smile was still the same as it was when I first met her, after everything we've been through it's still the same beautiful smile. The one that made me not turn her in when we first met, the one who greeted me every morning, the one I missed when she left and the one that greeted me in Jericho. It's her, everything good in my life links back to her and that damn smile.

I couldn't contain myself, my heart swelled and I kissed her lips once more. Pulling back giving her a lopsided smile, she giggled, "What's gotten into you?"

My smile widened, brushing a strand of hair out of her face, I planted a soft kiss against her cheek. "I love you too."

Her eyes softened, her fingers running through my hair, "Too?" I chuckled down at her, "Yeah, the last thing you said to me before you left was 'I love you', my program couldn't let me say it back. I was yelling it in my head, I wish I could have said it back. But I'm saying it now, Violet, I love you."

Her eyes were wide, twinkling in the moonlight. A small smile growing on her lips, she grabbed the sides of my face and pulled me into a tender kiss, our lips moving in sync. She pulled away, her fingers trailing down my cheek. Her words were music to my ears, my heart beating with her own.

I love you too.

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