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Change (A Connor x Reader story based on Detroit Become Human) by KeiZiahKnight1886
Change (A Connor x Reader story Kei Ziah Knight
Y/n Anderson is her name. Charming and overall a friendly personality, she's the embodiment of the phrase "doing great". Or at least that's what she wants the...
Detroit: Become Human | Connor x OC by xxneverxlosexhopexx
Detroit: Become Human | Connor x OCby Detroit Become Human | Connor...
Being human isn't as simple as being born that way. It's our actions that define who we are. Connor x OC *set during and after the events of Detroit: Become Human *
I AM (Connor X OC) - DBH by omnomnomfood
I AM (Connor X OC) - DBHby Andrea Elk
Connor - Detroit: Become Fanfic (Connor X OC) Hello. I am an CR300 Android, designed to serve you, the Detroit Police Force. I am working to solve the influx of red ice...
Detroit: Become Human Oneshots & Preferences by spiderwomanxoxo
Detroit: Become Human Oneshots & i don't feel so good
These are just a random collection of oneshots and preferences with any character from dbh • Requests can be taken of any kind • Regular updates I do not own any of the...
Dirty Would You Rather | Detroit: Become Human [Discontinued]  by MysticLucy
Dirty Would You Rather | ~MysticLucy~
This book had been discontinued. Title says everything ;) This book will only feature the guys. Featured characters: -Connor -Markus -Luther -Ralph -Daniel -Elijah -Simo...
Obey | ∆Connor x Reader∆ by xhqnny
Obey | ∆Connor x Reader∆by hannah
Connor x Reader Fanfiction (gender neutral) Androids are machines, created to Obey humans and complete their tasks without a thought. They do so... That is until they b...
Detroit: Become Human | Oneshots by Sonebeam
Detroit: Become Human | Oneshotsby ktm
As of now, this book is either ended, or discontinued. Either way, I may continue in the future, seeing as I love this game and I am inspired fairly easily. To any of my...
Awoken ◇ Detroit: Become Human by NoSpaces123
Awoken ◇ Detroit: Become Humanby 𝙴𝚍𝚎𝚗
Connor x OC "GS200, register name." Hank Anderson scrutinized the android, having to think for only a moment. "Elka." The android smiled p...
Emotion Filled Eyes (Connor x Reader) by -Froggy_Chi-
Emotion Filled Eyes (Connor x ✨MJ✨
)this is a story that depends on YOUR decisions collectively( (Y/n). A beautiful girl for a country many hours of flight away. She comes with her exotic views on thing...
Just a MACHINE | Connor X OC / Reader Detroit: Become Human by SpontaneousGeek
Just a MACHINE | Connor X OC / Hannah Maple
"Don't freak out." Connor said, as he wrapped his arm around her waist. He pulled her body close, as if he were trying to absorb her heat. "I scanned you...
Blue Love-Conner x Reader (Book 1) |Completed| by jcms_ani
Blue Love-Conner x Reader (Book 1) strxberri_milk
This is a fanfic between you and Conner. You are the daughter of Lt. Anderson, who leaves you over the summer with his partner Conner ( the android sent by cyberlife).
We Are Alive by howellyw
We Are Aliveby Maddie :)
He walks over to me and hesitantly places his hand on my chest, "What are you doing?" I ask. He shakes his head but doesn't say anything, I watch as He places...
DBH Connor x Male Reader DISCONTINUED by Megaraichu1339
DBH Connor x Male Reader Goggles
This is a slight AU of DBH, but all still remains with the revolution and such but without Connors said within it? Or does it? This is a fanfiction is between the relati...
Connor X Reader Oneshots (Detroit-Become human) by TrueGamerGirl99
Connor X Reader Oneshots ( Iona Allan
For when I'm bored and don't wanna write anything else. (And Can't be bothered to do homework)
Detroit become human Oneshots by Asu-ka
Detroit become human Oneshotsby author
Request are closed♡ Please If you notice a mistake, write a DM, my english sucks.♡
Connor & RK900 by Meme_Sphere
Connor & RK900by Meme_Sphere
Just a Story about RK800 (Connor) and RK900 (Conan)
I Promise (!!Pacifist!!Markus XCHILD!!Android Reader rA9 by RK_Addict
I Promise (!!Pacifist!!Markus RK_Addict
✨COMPLETED✨ (A/T: Who would have thought a "little" girl would be leading a revolution.) .... I was a wedding gift to a family that worked for CyberLife, But...
Partially Human | Detroit Become Human - Connor by theDAPPER
Partially Human | Detroit Become L Y N
C: Erika how did this happen? E: I just wanted to be able to be human. C: But you are human. E: Only partially human, Connor - - - - Connor x OC *set during the pacifist...
Do You Hate Me? (Connor X Reader) Detroit Become Human Fanfiction by traiiinwreck
Do You Hate Me? (Connor X Reader) 𝗶𝗻𝗲𝗿𝘁𝗶𝗮
Hank introduces his daughter, (Y/N), to his Android partner Connor. (Y/N) and Connor didn't get along well and Y/N didnt want any opportunity to spend time with him But...
Civil War Alternate Rewritten by MrKnight261
Civil War Alternate Rewrittenby Mr Knight
This is an alternative Story where Natasha will make a Different Choice instead of helping Steve Escape She Stays with Tony and Her and Tony become Mentors to Peter Park...