Love the Lost

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Violet's POV

I wasn't expecting to be woken up so quickly, Hank shook me awake only a few minutes after midnight passed.  Connor woke up as well, I was still in his arms. 

"I hadn't really expected you two to be so close right now with how last night played out." Hank nervously chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck. 

Connor and I separated and sat up, a blue tint filled his face.  I never payed much attention to how androids blush, of course it would be blue.  It's cute. 

Hank cleared his throat adjusted the collar on his coat, "Station just called, they want us on the crime scene of the broadcast right now.  Apparently  it's, and I quote, very crucial that we figure out what happened before the media does it for us." Hank put finger quotes around the second sentence.

"Alright, just let us get dressed and we'll be ready to go." I faked a yawn and stretched, I've learned to fake being tired or exhausted pretty well.  Hank nodded and walked out of the room, leaving us alone.  I could hear the front door shut, he must be waiting in the car for us. 

Connor was already up and mostly dressed when I looked over, he's really fast sometimes. I chuckled to myself, Connor gave me a confused but happy look, "What? Did I do something amusing?"

I shook my head, "Nah, you're just being you. It's cute." I patted his cheek and walked to my closet. I grabbed a light blue shirt off of its hanger and a pair of grey joggers.

I pulled on the clothes and turned to face Connor, "You ready?" He was looking at my books, Hesitantly he turned around and nodded. We headed out of the door and hopped in the car. 

One I settled in, Connor spoke from the front seat.  "You are in the middle of reading fourteen books?" He sounded shocked.

"Okay listen, I'm a bad reader you don't need to tell me. I go on random reading sprees and I seem to always get distracted in the middle of them, either way I prefer writing." I chuckled and rolled my eyes. 

"No, no, I'm not saying it's bad, I'm actually impressed you read.  Not many people do nowadays, Hank has a few real books, but you have a lot." Connor stated. 

Hank raised his eyebrows and looked at me through the rear view mirror, "You have real books? Like not the whole digital techy shit they got now?"

I nodded, "Yeah, I brought over a lot of my books the other day.  Do you like books?"

Hank nodded and chuckled, "Mind if i steal a few here and there to read?" I chuckled and said, "Go for it."

We pulled up the the broadcast station, a monstrously large building.  Hank turned back and handed me a piece of paper and a badge, "I know you didn't go to any school for this, but you've really helped a lot.  With smaller missions, they haven't questioned you, but this is something big.  In case they ask who you are, today you are  junior detective who I've taken under my wing.  What's your last name so we can finalize it?"

I paused, I've never had a last name. "Um, Scott! Yeah, Scott." Scott was the name of one of my old master's associates.  Plus, it didn't sound too bad with Violet. 

"Well, Junior Detective Scott, welcome to the force. Here's your gun, remember to use it as a final resort. We'd both get in trouble if you went firing that thing at random." Hank winked and we all stepped out of the car. 

I clung tightly to my jacket, the new badge and gun were heavy in my pocket.  Police officers and witnesses filled the lower level, the quiet elevator was a warm welcome. 

We had a long way to go, the top floor.  Connor pulled out his coin and began playing with it, flicking it from between his fingers and catching it with the other.  Precise and never messing up. 

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