Synthetic Siblings

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Violet's POV

I pulled Markus into Hank's home, Sumo immediately shooting up and running to us. He sniffed Markus like crazy, Markus seemed cautious of Sumo.

"He won't hurt you, even when Connor broke in here he was still a sweet heart." I chuckled and patted Sumo's head, he painted with excitement.

"He has bad breath." Markus laughed to himself and pet Sumo, Sumo's ears flopping side to side.

"I wanted to also get some things while I was here, have fun with him." Markus waved me off, a wide smile on his face as he continued petting Sumo.

Walking back to my bedroom, I changed into a dark outfit; If we do go to war with the humans, I'd rather not stick out amongst the crowd.

Grabbing a few more clips for my gun from Hank's stash, I slid the gun back in my waist band. I noticed Connor's shit laying neatly on the dark blue covers. A smile grew on my face, rolling my eyes I grabbed the clothes. Connor might want these.

I grabbed a notepad and pen and left a note for Hank on his door. It told him that Connor and I were safe for the time being, and that no matter what happens in the next few days, to stay safe.

Once I walked out of the bedroom with Connor's clothes in hand, I saw Markus investigating Hank's jazz collection. "Do you like Jazz, Markus?"

He turned around with the album in hand, "Carl liked this kind of music, we also liked classical and rock. But Jazz was his favorite, I miss this kind of music." He smiled down at the collection.

The front door opening caught our attention, before I could even look Hank in the eyes he engulfed me in a hug. He gave a smile and hugged me, he smelt of booze and wood. Pulling back, he started talking before looking at my eyes, "At first, I thought you were a burglar, I would have had Sumo atta-WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR EYE?!"

I burst out laughing, Hank stood panicked waiting for my answer. Once I calmed down, I spoke through the giggles, "I'm alright, Hank. My ocular component was damaged, but we replaced it. There weren't any green eyes that were compatible, but I like the brown."

He held his chest and let out a long sigh of relief, "Well, I'm glad you're okay. Connor left the other day, he said he was going to find the location of Jericho, the FBI took over the case and he was gonna be deactivated at CyberLife. When he asked me to distract Perkins so he could go back through the evidence, I didn't know if he was running away to Jericho or to....destroy it. But you're right here, so I think that's a good sign he didn't take down Markus. Is my boy okay?"

Markus stepped out into the kitchen, he looked awkward. Hank looked in disbelief, "Okay, Violet, I wanna just say that both of you have huge bounties on your head and the fact you two are here right now instead of hiding is horrifying to me. How did you guys get passed the soldiers? They're everywhere!"

Hank sat at the kitchen table, me and Markus sat down with him. Markus was the first to speak up, "Actually, Connor went there and planned to take me in. Me and Violet were able to convince him not to, he's a deviant now. CyberLife's last attempt, I'm just glad we stopped him. It didn't all go smoothly, Violet was....damaged, but she's alright now."

Hank sighed, I finished where Markus left off, "And, Connor is okay. He seems to feel guilty for the whole situation, but other than that, he's alright. I wanted to stop here to get him his clothes, me and Markus were already out and we weren't far from here so I decided to stop by."

"Yeah, I saw Connor's suit was on the bed. Is he just running around naked or something?" Hank sarcastically quipped, chuckling with Markus.

A blue blush covered my cheeks, the thought of a naked Connor filled my mind. I shook my head and awkwardly laugh, "No! No, no, he borrowed some of your clothes to fit in at Jericho, I believe."

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