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Detroit: Become Human~-~Connor One-Shots by PricklyHedgie
Detroit: Become Human~-~Connor PricklyHedgie
One-shots with the one and only smol bean Connor! All are x readers so if you're looking for some cute moments between you and our favorite android (sent by CyberLife) t...
helpless| connor x male reader by toliveornottolive
helpless| connor x male readerby 🤠🏳️‍🌈
he was running after an android murderer and suddenly became helpless. cover is from daniellatlas on tumblr.
P U P P E T| RK800 Reader x Human Connor by mxaiix
P U P P E T| RK800 Reader x Abz🕸
You, an RK800 prototype android, was partnered up with Lieutenant Hank Anderson, Detective Connor Anderson and his twin brother Detective Cain Anderson. In hopes of stop...
Detroit:Become Human OneShots by Yo-Stuffie
Detroit:Become Human OneShotsby —; 𝙺𝚒𝚕𝚕𝚎𝚛
A series of oneshots with your favorite Androids and humans. FLUFF FLUFFLYNESS NOW! You can PM for a request or put it on the request page. Whichever works for you! I'm...
Detroit: Become Human || READ DESCRIPTION || by AnticZakLol
Detroit: Become Human || READ AnticZakLol
REQUEST ARE CLOSED I want to finish all the request I have right now. And the title says it all, please enjoy! ~Smut ;) ~Fluff ~Technically whateva you want :) ||Trying...
Lost In Love: SHRAMAN FF {EDKV} by JanhaviShinde123
Lost In Love: SHRAMAN FF {EDKV}by JanhaviShinde123
•EK DUJE KE VAASTE• He loves her, She loves him, He hurt her, She forgave him, They are together, Is it for a while? Or is it forever? Join this journey of Mr and Mrs M...
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≪Hanahaki Disease≫ Detroit: Become Human by bakugousmassivebicep
≪Hanahaki Disease≫ Detroit: Lex
It wasn't supposed to happen this way. You two were partners for months ever since the deviants, but you had fallen for him. He was not a deviant, so he never had felt l...
The Facade by Lailasahibaa
The Facadeby Abhi
A Shivika Story When Shivaay Singh Oberoi returned to the Oberoi Mansion with his wife, he had assumed that now was the perfect time to take the next step in his marital...
The One by Aish1609
The Oneby Aish
This book will contain OS and TS giving a different end to different episodes of EDKV also any other version of story.
You're Alive - Connor X Reader - A Detroit: Become Human Fanfiction by sinlamian
You're Alive - Connor X Reader - Sweeto
I grew up in Detroit with my father, Hank Anderson, who is currently employed as a detective with the help from his android friend, Connor. I'm friends with Connor, and...
Rekindled Love by billo776
Rekindled Loveby Billo77
Suman and Shravan got married in an unconventional way . He wasn't happy with the decision he took hastily and walked out on his family and his wife . Two years passed a...
Connor x Reader [ s̶o̶f̷t̶w̷a̷r̵e̵ ̸i̶n̷s̵t̷a̶b̵i̷l̵i̸t̵y̶ ] by _karoshi
Connor x Reader [ s̶o̶f̷t̶w̷a̷r̵e̵ [ karoshi ✨ ]
"What are you?" Connor narrowed his dark, oak eyes as he scanned her frame.
Detroit Become Human One Shots by parkshan820
Detroit Become Human One Shotsby parkshan820
Writing short stories about our lovely couples. I will NOT write self harm, sexual violence, or anything else that is really bad. But REQUESTS ARE OPEN :)
I Need You! - A Shraman story  by sreyu_
I Need You! - A Shraman story by Sreyu
While Shravan is the heart of Suman, Suman is the oxygen for Shravan. #178 in FF - 01/07/2017 #182 in FF - 26/06/2017 #196 in FF - 24/06/2017
Incompatible by Jace-Bludlust
Incompatibleby Jace
Reverse AU (Conner Anderson x Android Reader) Update Schedule: Sundays & Wednesdays Exception: First release of story and when the actions haven't been decided
Shraman - one shots and two shots by shraman_suvan
Shraman - one shots and two shotsby shraman_suvan
One shots and Two shots series of our beloved Shraman! CONFESSION - One Shot THREE QUESTIONS - One Shot HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE - One shot PREGNANCY - Two shot TUJHE KITNA C...
Mana Ke Hum Yaar Nahi - A Shraman Four Shots (Completed) by Writer_me14
Mana Ke Hum Yaar Nahi - A Writer_me14
A Shraman four shots based on the song 'Mana ke hum yaar nahi' Ranked 5th in #shraman Ranked 14th in #ekdujekevaaste
In the World of Confusion - A Shraman Story by _zindagiwrites_
In the World of Confusion - A Zindagi
Shravan comes back to India after 10 years still with the same pain and insult in his heart but also a passion to take revenge. But where is his victim? Now that's how...
Happiness Sailing On The Waves Of Melancholy- ShraMan ff (COMPLETED) by 1319nimika
Happiness Sailing On The Waves 1319nimika
Sumo is going to marry Aditya and Shravan is angry, jealous, and heartbroken. He knows he has lost his everything. But then a storm comes. What happens then?? To know re...
Detroit : Become Human Oneshots by imreallykindagaytho
Detroit : Become Human Oneshotsby wafe
Detroit Become Human Imagines, Oneshots, and Various Storylines. Requests are up and ready to be taken. The main character is Y/N, which is you. - Requests are open!