Who Are You Really?

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Connor's POV

Hank's footsteps got louder as he approached, I slipped my hands out from hers and looked over at Hank. I could hear a panicked breath escape her lips. "Connor I'm begging you..."

Software Instability

The artificial skin forming back over my hands, I turn to Hank. "Hello Lieutenant. My apologies, I was asking this lady questions that could possibly help with the investigation. She did not have information on the deviant but she suggested looking at the security tapes. Perhaps she could help us?" I could hear a sigh of relief next to me.

"Hmm, I hadn't thought about that actually. That's a good idea, Connor go check the security tapes of the convenience store and get back to me. And if she wants to help, I don't care, less work for me." Hanks voice was tired, he glanced at Violet and nodded towards her.

"Oh uh yeah, sure I can help!" She gave him a big smile and nodded.
"Oh great, another suck up," Hank laughed to himself and rolled his eyes, "No offense, it's too early to be cheery and I'm not drunk enough."

Violet let out a small giggle and reached her hand out, "My name is Violet, and you?" He shook her hand, " Hank, this here is Connor but I see you already met him."

Her eyes met mine again and she smiled at me, "Yeah, we've gotten past introductions.

"Well, good luck with investigating." He chuckled, then gripped my shoulder. "Connor, don't creep out the nice lady, and don't go asking all your personal questions. I swear I've never seen an android that asks as many as you." A chuckle erupted from Hank and I smiled up at him, confirmation I wouldn't ask too many personal questions.

He turned and walked away from us, drinking from a flask he kept in his pocket.  "Shall we get started?" Violet smiled at me and nodded her head, standing from her chair. 

The convenience store doors opened, letting a gust of warm air escape the heated building.  Violet took off her hat and coat, is she affected by the temperature?

Violet's POV

The warm air was pure ecstasy compared to the cold late fall weather outside. "Violet, are you affected by the cold? You're wearing a rather thick coat."

I laughed quietly and answered him, "Yes, after my owner...was convicted for selling red ice, I embraced my deviancy.  I turned on my temperature detection function along with other functions.  It helps me feel more alive,  more human."

I almost told him about Shawn, about what I did.  What would he think of me if he knew?  Here's a new emotion, guilt.  Connor simply nodded and approached the man behind the counter. 

"Excuse me sir,  I'm with the Detroit Police Department.  I'm currently investigating a deviant who was in this location last night.  I need to access your security cameras, it was reported to have come in here." Connor held out his hand and displayed a badge showing he was telling the truth, his voice strong but friendly. 

The man only glanced at Connor for a moment, pulled his newspaper in front of his face and pointed to a backroom.  "Thank you sir." Connor, always respectful even when he was disrespected.

As I closed the door behind us, Connor started pulling up the footage from last night, he sat down in the old, leather wheely chair.  I leaned over the top of the chair looking at the screen.  My eyes darted to him,  his LED was yellow, unpleasantness.  Maybe he doesn't like being treated badly by these people. 

"Why do you let them treat you like that and still smile and do what you're told?" My voice filled the room, the screen illuminating our faces.  He turned to face me,  his brows furrowed.  "I can tell you don't like it, LED gives it all away." I tapped the glowing ring on his temple.

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