Empathy, Sweet Empathy

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Connor's POV

Hank knocked on the door, a female android answered. Hank stepped forward, "Hi, I'm Lieutenant Anderson with Detroit Police.  We have an appointment with Mr. Elijah Kamski." 

She nodded and gave a smile.  "Please, come in." Letting us in, she addressed us with a gentle voice, "I'll let Elijah know you're here. But please, make yourself comfortable." She left the room and left us in a waiting area. 

Hank sat in a chair, obviously uncomfortable by the silence, "Nice girl." I nodded and observed thing around the room.  "You're right, she's really pretty."

I walked towards a plaque on the wall, a picture of Amanda and Kamski hung there.  My heart fell when I read what it said. 

Amanda Stern(05/14/78)-(02/23/27)

Amanda is dead? But how is she controlling me if she's dead?

"Nice place...Guess androids haven't been a bad thing for everyone." Hank looked around the room, trying to make small talk.  "Youre about to meet your maker Connor, how does it feel?"

"Kamski is one of the greatest minds of this generation,  it will be interesting to meet him in person." I tried to keep my answers neutral, I still don't know if Amanda is telling the truth. 

Hank grunted, "Eh, Sometimes I'd like to meet my maker...I'd have a few things to tell him."

The android walked back into the room and folded her hands together, "Elijah will see you now."

Hank stood up, obviously relieved, and walked through the door.  I followed behind him and looked at the pool.  A man swam from one end to the other, two female androids floated at the edge of the pool and were talking to one another. 

Hank and I migrated to the desk on the other side of the room.  Kamski stepped out of the pool, the android who greeted us held his robe.  He slipped his arms in and stared at us, "I'm Lieutenant Anderson.  This is Connor." 

Kamski's expression was blank, "What can I do for you, Lieutenant?" Hank stood professionally, "Sir, we are investigating deviants.  I know you left CyberLife years ago but, we were hoping you could tell us something we didn't know."

He paused, then glanced at me, "Deviant...Fascinating, aren't they?  Perfect beings with infinite intelligence, and now they have free will." Kamski looked towards his android, "Machines are so superior to us, confrontation was inevitable.  Humanity's greatest achievement threatens to be its downfall, isn't it ironic?" Kamski chuckled and looked at me once more. 

"Deviancy seems to spread like some kind of virus. We thought you might know something about that." I tried my best to sound confident, Kamski stepped forward, "All ideas are viruses that spread like epidemics; is the desire to be free a contagious disease?"

Hank spoke up, "Listen, I didn't come here to talk philosophy.  The machines you created may be planning a revolution.  Either you can tell us something useful, or we will be on our way."

Kamski looked slightly irritated, he cleared his face and stepped towards me, "What about you, Connor? Who's side are you on?" His words sent a chill down my spine. 

Amanda's words echoed through my head, "I'm on the human's side, of course."  I wish he could read through my lie, but when he scoffed I knew he didn't believe me. 

"Well that's what you're programmed to say.  But you......what do you really want?"  He got close to my face, his voice a harsh whisper.  Hank stared at us from a few feet away. 

I need to show emotion, even a little, maybe it can be enough for him to see that I'm not....clinging to my program.   I started aggressively, "I believe we are the ones asking the questions."  His face faltered, like he was thinking deeply. 

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