Eye for an Eye and the World Goes Blind

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Violet's POV

Markus, North and I walked into the square that held the CyberLife store.  I ran to the digital construction sign and pushing it into the road, then hacked the sign to say the road was closed. 

Markus stepped towards me and leaned towards my ear, "I hope I'm not asking too much, but I think it would be good for you to try and be friendly with North.  She typically hates everyone she first meets, hell she hated me when she first met me.  Oh, and also, I don't want violence in this mission, alright?  North has a tendency to go for more violent options but I do not want that."  I stared at Markus and gave him a form nod, "I'll try, it wouldn't make sense to hate eachother.  We are kind of in this together, right?"

Markus nodded and gave a smile, "Exactly.  I'll have to tell you my little life story one day, it really does help with getting to know someone." He playfully punched my shoulder then looked at the construction sign. 

Markus gave me a thumbs up and we proceeded to the store front.  "We need to take out the security system before breaking into the store front."  Me and North nodded. 

I pointed towards the police drone flying over the square, "Markus! We need to take down that drone before it spots and reports us!" 

Markus nodded and scanned the area, he ran up the scaffolding and waited for the drone.  Once the drone was within reach, he leaped on top of it.  A gasp escaped my lips, North didn't seem scared by it, "Does he do this often or something?"

North looked at me in shock, like she's surprised I talked to her, "Uh, yeah he's done it before."  She crosses her arms and watched Markus rip the drones wing and crash to the ground. 

"Well, when?" I tried my best to give her a kind smile, trying to ignore her confused look. 

"A few days ago, we went to a warehouse to get spare parts.  They had a drone out by the warehouse entrance and Markus took action, taking down the drone and still never got caught.  He's really brave." I could tell from the tone in her voice, when she wasn't focused on hating me, she talked with passion about Markus. 

"Do you like him?" My words made her stop completely, she turned to me with wide eyes. "M-me? No! W-why would I?" She looked away and tried her best to look convincing, but it doesn't take a genius to tell she's lying.  Even a brain dead idiot could tell. 

"Really?  I mean, I see the way you look at him.  And let's be honest, I came here and when he hugged me, you immediately hated me.  Also, just to clarify, he only hugged me because I helped Simon get off the roof of the broadcast building and fixed his broken circuits." I rubbed the back of my neck and chuckled nervously. 

"What about in his office?" She finally looked me in the eye, the glare burning a hole in me.

I sighed, "I.....I'm a WR400 model....do you know the purpose of those models?" She hesitantly nodded, "I should know, I am too."

I hadn't noticed her model, I feel kind of dumb now, "I, yeah of course, but I was personalized. I was a personal model, I wasn't in a sex club with rules, I was in a house with no restrictions on what could be done to me. Markus he...he came to tell me we were going to leave soon but he saw me getting changed. Don't worry! He didn't see anything inappropriate unless you consider a bra inappropriate. But he did see the scars me owner left over my skin." North stayed quiet, her eyes were wide.

I sighed and turned to her, " I told him about my friend Connor, that's the RK800 who's jacket this is. And his story is complicated, so I just showed him. After looking back over everything, I needed some kind of comfort, and I just hugged him. I-I'm sorry if I hurt you in any way, I don't see Markus like that, I love my Connor."

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