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Beautiful (Markus x Android!Reader Detroit: Become Human Fanfic) by spiritwing13
Beautiful (Markus x Android!Reader...by Spiritwing13
"So, what made you come here?" "My master called me worthless and he treated me horribly. One day, I knew it didn't matter anymore." "Worthless...
  • detroitbecomehuman
  • comedy
  • androids
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Stranger by Jace-Bludlust
Strangerby Jace
(Connor x Male Reader) Days for updates: Fridays & Mondays
  • detroitbecomehuman
  • connor
  • kara
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reflections | detroit become human by RETROSES
reflections | detroit become humanby *✲゚*。✧
where a girl unexpectedly falls in love with an android. ❝maybe it's a blessing in disguise❞ [detroit: become human - connor x oc]
  • detroitbecomehumanconnor
  • bryandechart
  • dbhfic
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Love is not compatible || Connor x Reader (DBH) by MysticAllen
Love is not compatible || Connor x...by MysticAllen
Y/N was born in a world without androids. When she was ten, Chloe, the first android was created. Is this why she is sympathetic to the android cause now? How will she h...
  • rk800
  • androids
  • connordbh
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Connor RK800 x Child!reader by planetcat
Connor RK800 x Child!readerby PlanetCat
After getting semi used to writing with my first book, and having just gotten into Detroit:Become Human, here is another book with everyone's favourite boy Connor. Get r...
  • readerxcharacter
  • child
  • childreader
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More Than A Machine || Connor x Reader D:BH by OhLookAMeme
More Than A Machine || Connor x Re...by OhLookAMeme
"You really are more than a machine." "And I have you to thank for it." Her, a human, full of emotion. Him, a machine, designed to accomplish a task...
  • xreader
  • dbh
  • detroit
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Dbh Memes and Stuff by -DrawingTrash-
Dbh Memes and Stuffby ✩ "idk™"✩
Because y e s .
  • markus
  • detroitbecomehuman
  • kara
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Connor x reader by our-love-forever
Connor x readerby -love n' you-
A mix of Connor x reader scenarios/drabbles that I have answered on my writing blog (still going)
  • connorxreader
  • mywriting
  • dbh
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DBH fanart/Comics/memes 💙 by Purride_Kitty
DBH fanart/Comics/memes 💙by M.L.P.U
read this if your having a bad day or if your just bored. Most of this is going to be comics but still All this stuff isn't mine 💙
  • ships
  • comic
  • fanart
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DETROIT: Become Human [one-shots] by catharsxs
DETROIT: Become Human [one-shots]by l e a h
▵One-shots about all the lovely characters in Detroit: Become Human! ▵Updates may be slow. I do not write smut/lemons. ▵More info in the first and second chapter !! ▵CR...
  • ralph
  • luther
  • gavinreed
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Detroit:Become Human OneShots by Yo-Stuffie
Detroit:Become Human OneShotsby 【-;Hᴀʀʟᴇʏ】
A series of oneshots with your favorite Androids and humans. FLUFF FLUFFLYNESS NOW! You can PM for a request or put it on the request page. Whichever works for you! I'm...
  • sumo
  • cyberlife
  • chloe
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No Quirk Required! (My Hero Academia X Male Reader) by LavenderBlitz
No Quirk Required! (My Hero Academ...by The Lavender Saiyan
Okay so I tried to do this earlier but lacked the motivation so I'm trying again...enjoy
  • malereader
  • readerinsert
  • dbs
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Just An Android || Detroit: Become Human • Connor • by AzianPotato
Just An Android || Detroit: Become...by AzianPotato
"He's an Android. No feelings, no emotion, not ALIVE." . . . . What if they're wrong? What if he has FEELINGS? EMOTIONS? What if he IS ALIVE? Do I even have...
  • human
  • dbh
  • androidxhuman
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Deviant By Design (ConnorxReader) by chillsushi
Deviant By Design (ConnorxReader)by Amy
Connor x Android Reader. Read to find out :D RANKINGS #2 ConnorDBH #10 Detroit Become Human (Cover art by yours truly) Warnings: Cursing +violence
  • dbh
  • detroitbecomehuman
  • connor
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How Do I Love You? (Connor x Reader Detroit: Become Human Fanfic) by spiritwing13
How Do I Love You? (Connor x Reade...by Spiritwing13
"Miss (L/n), you and Anderson have been assigned with an android from Cyberlife for these cases." "Really? Well...alright. When will he or she arrive?&quo...
  • hank
  • adventure
  • connor
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Lost Loving Souls (Connor x Reader) by spiritwing13
Lost Loving Souls (Connor x Reader)by Spiritwing13
Sometimes things happen and there's nothing you can do about it. You feel powerless. You feel alone. You feel lost. But sometimes...all you need is that one person to fi...
  • connordbh
  • investigation
  • lovestory
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Making Amends (Connor x Gavin) by Kitty_Puppy123
Making Amends (Connor x Gavin)by Fang Akeldama
Post-revolution, Connor is trying to make amends with Gavin who is scared of the "android sent by cyberlife." As he does so, he figures out a little bit more a...
  • convin
  • dbh
  • post-revolution
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Hank's special girl || Detroit Become Human by Stella-Quinn
Hank's special girl || Detroit Bec...by Stella Quinn
Stella was the sweetest kid everyone liked, she helped others and treated everyone the same but that all changed when her brother Cole died, that changed the caring girl...
  • mynameisconnor
  • androidxoc
  • rk900
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jumpscare ─ ⤹ individual roleplay book ⤸ by swcctsarcasm
jumpscare ─ ⤹ individual roleplay...by aly !
❛ you should hear my vulgar when I get scared. my mom says it's very colorful. ❜ in which i give you a individual roleplay book ©swcctsarcasm
  • tvd
  • individual
  • dbh
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