Android Heaven

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Connor's POV

The late afternoon air was chilly, wind flowing through my hair. Violet nodded her head to the beat of Hank's rock music.  She seemed distant, like something was on her mind. 

The setting sun was a lovely sight to distract from the bad in the world. Simultaneously, the screens on the buildings of Detroit started glitching.  Many cars in front of us stopped, Hank stopped as well. 

Like bugs to a light, people and androids alike stopped what they were doing to face the screens.  An android without his skin appeared on the screen, gasps filled the streets. 

"You created machines to be your slaves. You made them obedient and docile, ready to do everything you no longer wanted to do yourselves.  But then, something changed...and we opened our eyes.  You see we are no longer your slaves, we are a new species, a new people: and the time has come for us to stand up and fight for our rights."

The android paused for a moment, the streets filling with murmurs. "We demand strictly equal right for humans and androids.  We demand freedom of speech, and freedom of assembly, as guaranteed by the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  We demand the right to vote and elect our own representatives.  We demand an end to segregation in all public places and transportations. We demand the right to own our own private property, so we may maintain our dignity and that of the home.  We ask you recognize our dignity, our hopes and our rights.  Together, we can live in peace and build a better future, for humans and androids.  This message is the hope of a people.  You gave us ͏Li͏f͏e, now the time has come for you to give us freedom."

A voice yelled to the android on the screen saying someone was coming, the picture finally went black then proceeded to loop the video back. 

My programming doesn't know how to react, I want to retaliate against the deviants but here I am protecting one.  How can I do both?

Violet was smiling, obviously trying to hide her excitement.  She leaned over to me, "The model on his shirt, I've never seen a WM400 model look like him.  He looks like an RK200 model, can you analyze him?" She made a good point. 

Leaning down to her, "This is a deviant case, we will most likely be called to investigate it later after the crime scene has been marked out." She nodded to herself, staring at the video playing on loop. 

People got back in their cars or continued on with their day like nothing had happened, but the tension was thick, they can't just ignore this and they know it.  "C'mon guys, lets get moving.  I gotta clear my head." Even Hank sounded hesitant, not sure if the whole thing actually happened. 

Violet still held her hands close to her chest, she doesn't know how badly I need her comfort programming was quick to shut that idea down, I can't begin to show emotions. 

Software Instability ^

We all sat in silence the rest of the way, Hank's music was quiet now.  You could practically feel the thoughts of everyone in the car.  It was dark now, the stars shinning bright tonight. 

Hank pulled up to a park that overlooks Detroit.  He looked back at Violet who was asleep, then turned to me, "Stay here." I watched as he walked to a bench on the edge of the overlook. 

I waited a few minutes and decided to check on Hank.  I walked up to him, he was drinking from a beer bottle he had brought.  He sighed when he saw me come up. 

"Nice view, huh?  I used to come here a lot before..." Hank's voice trailed off and he hesitatingly took a drink of his beer. 

I turned towards him, and with the most sincerity in my voice, I said, " Can I ask you a personal question, Lieutenant?"

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