Face To Face

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Connor's POV

I had just finished investigating a deviant who murdered his owner. It was a stressful situation to say the least.

Abuse. The android was abused. Even if I mentioned it, the probability of anything happening was slim. Android abuse is very prevalent in this society. I had never had a gun pointed at me until today, Reed did not like that I intervened when the officers were over stressing the android.

Suddenly, my thoughts were interrupted when I received a report on a new case for Hank and I. A report of a deviant female android who killed her owner and kidnapped his daughter. With the day coming to an end, this case will have to wait until tomorrow.

Violet's POV

I can't hide anymore, I'll go insane like Angel did if I stay in hiding. I wouldn't need much, I can always buy whatever I need with Shawn's credit card. Still, I packed a bag with spare bio components, a journal to track my thoughts, a change of clothes, a flashlight and a pocket knife.

I walked to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror, the ring on my temple stood out like a sore thumb. I frowned, my hands clutched the pocket knife as I debated on cutting it out or not. Without this I wouldn't be able to make purchases on Shawn's card, I put the knife down and looked for another solution.

I decided to let my hair fall from the bun on top of my head. I have curly, black hair that fell to my shoulders. It's very rare that I look at myself this in depth. My pale skin illuminated behind the dark locks and my green eyes stared back at me. I had rather full lips which were a dark pinkish color. I'm fairly average height, around 5'8". Being the android model I am, I'm curvier than the average android and I have light make up on my face at all times. 

I sighed and exited the bathroom,  with the ring covered, I could fit right in with humans.  I left the lights on and turned on a tv,  just in case anyone tried to rob the place they'd believe someone was here.  The sun was starting to rise as I headed to a bus,  I stayed in the Human section this time.  I am my own person.

The bus reached a bus stop and let off a few people. A gas station caught my eye. I could find a map of the city and whatever else I need.

My boots tapped the floor with each step. As I walked off the bus, I began walking to the gas station. The air was still fresh with the scent of rain that had subsided only a few minutes ago.

Cop cars filled the area, my breath caught in my throat and I stopped myself in my tracks.

I just need to act human, make them believe your human.

I let out a breath and made sure my hair was covering the glowing ring on my temple. My heart pounded as I forced myself to press on, I reached the gas station and calmed myself down.

A familiar voice behind caught my attention. "It took the first bus that came along...then stayed at the end of the line."

I turned around and saw none other than the android from the news, Connor. The morning light complimented his face, his brown eyes shined bright. He was talking to a police officer.

After a few more words, his eyes met mine. My mind started racing, are they looking for me? He turned and started approaching me, I could feel my metallic heart racing.

"Excuse me, miss, could I ask you a few questions?" His voice sounded better in person, he's definitely not like any other android I've met before.

In person, he was breathtaking. "I....Um.." I cleared my throat, damn my stuttering. " I'm sorry, y-yes of course. Ask away." I have a smile and nodded.

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