Russian Roulette

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Violet's POV

It's late and not many people ride the bus at this time.  I made Connor stay in the Human part of the bus, if there's no one else one I don't see a point in him riding alone in the back.  My fingers ran over the area where my LED used to be. 

Connor clutched one of the bags, maybe he's scared to break the rules a little.  If so, why is he helping me? We already wasted a lot of time riding the bus to Jimmy's bar looking for Hank, Connor said he went there a lot. 

Pulling up to Hank's house, we hurried off the bus.  The lights were still on, Hank must still be awake.  Good, we can get to work on the newest mission. 

I set down on of the bags and tried to open the door, it was locked.  "Here let me try." Connor stepped in front of me and rang the doorbell.  No answer.  He held the doorbell for a few seconds, still no answer. 

"Here, lets go look for another way in.  Hank might have accidentally locked us out."I set down my bags on the porch and Connor followed, setting down the bags as well. 

Our shoes squeaked on the wet grass as we walked around the side of the house.  A window up ahead had the blinds drawn.  Connor walked up to the glass and looked in, a gasp escaping his lips.  "The Lieutenant is unconscious!" He sounds panicked. 

He slammed his elbow in the window, shattering the glass.  Connor helped vault me through then pulled himself through.  Before he could stand up, Sumo walked towards him, standing over Connor's body.

"H-Hey there, Sumo.  I'm your friend, see, I know your name." Connor smiled at the dog to show he wasn't any threat to the house.  Sumo huffed and walked over to his bowl, eating his food before laying back down. 

Connor ran to Hank and began analyzing him.  "It seems he's just intoxicated, I don't see anything lethal in his system." I nodded and clasped my hands together. 

"Lieutenant! Wake up, we have a case." Connor lightly slapped Hank's face, Hank stirred and groaned.  Connor smacked Hank hard on the cheek, causing Hank to shoot awake. "Hello, Lieutenant, it's me Connor." Hank blinked up at Connor. 

"Im going to sober you up for your own safety." Connor wrapped Hank's arm around his shoulders.

"Oh leave me alone you fuckin' android!" Hank slurred his words.  "Get the fuck outta my house." His eyes were dazed, jeez how much did he drink?

"Sorry Lieutenant, but I need you!" Connor hauled Hank up to his feet, Hank groaning the whole way up. "Thank you in advance for your cooperation."

"Get the fuck outta here!" Hank leaned backwards forcing Connor to lift him back to regular height.  I covered my mouth to hold back a laugh, Connor seemed so calm but so annoyed. 


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