My Name is Markus

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Violet's POV

It's dark now, police were patrolling the streets. Sneaking around was difficult but very possible. I've been jumping roof to roof, none of them look up here and I'm out of ear shot.

I scanned the area around me, and began reconstructing me next move. It's a straight path to Jericho from here, they planned this out very well, though I doubt many androids take the roofs to get there.

After reconstructing my path, I took off. Jumping from the rooftop, I grabbed onto a sturdy lamp post hanging off the other building, then vaulted myself onto the next roof.

Adrenaline filled my synthetic veins, my breaths were heavy. I need to reach Jericho before the police find me. Accessing the location Simon gave me, I looked for the giant abandoned boat. Across the road a few buildings up, stood Jericho, hiding in plain sight.

I climbed down the side of the building and hid in the shadows, three police officers were laughing amongst eachother and walking down the sidewalk.  I waited until they passed and I took off across the street. 

I peered down an alleyway and saw another android.  Stepping foreword I lowered my voice to a whisper, "Hello?" Half of his face had been cut, his circuitry hung and Thirium leaked from the wounds. 

"Don't touch Ralph! You humans just want to hurt Ralph!" He whisper yelled and pulled a knife from his pocket.

I jumped back a few feet and put a finger to my lips, "Ralph I'm an android too.  Are you looking for Jericho?" My voice was quiet, and despite my fear I managed to give Ralph a small smile. 

Ralph lowered his knife and a large smile covered his face, "Yes, yes Ralph is looking for Jericho.  Do you know the way?"

I nodded, "Yeah, follow me Ralph.  Once we get there, we can get you fixed, okay?" Ralph nodded excitedly and slid his knife back into its holster. 

He had a jump to his step,  he kind of reminds me of a child. He slowed down to my pace and spoke quietly, "You must excuse Ralph...Ralph still finds it difficult to control himself...Sometimes his fear makes him do things he regrets...Ralph has seen some hard times...He's just so scared the humans will get him again."

"It's alright Ralph, we've all been through a lot, some more than others. I understand, and when we get to Jericho maybe we can help with your fear." I gave him a small smile and pulled up the location once again.

I looked over the abandoned harbor and saw and old, decrepit door, "There! Let's go!" Ralph and I swiftly headed for the door.

It was dark inside, the walls filling with the sound of the settling boat. I pulled out my flashlight, Ralph walked close to me: he's shaking. We walked from room to room, our boots stepping loudly through the metal floors.

We opened a door and found a set of stairs, I stayed in front of Ralph. Opening the door at the bottom of the stairs, I saw an open room filled with androids who were sitting around or talking amongst eachother. Barrels emitted fire and warmth to the room, it is....pleasant.

Heads turned towards us from all around the room, I felt self conscious all of a sudden. One man from the center of the room walked towards us, panic rising in my chest. Then I saw it, different colored eyes.

"Hello, are you in search of Jericho?" His voice was cool, but welcoming.

"Y-yes, are you M-Markus?" I hadn't realized how scared I was, most of the other androids returned to what they were doing.

He nodded and gave me a skeptical look, " How do you know my name? You don't have an LED, are you an android or human? If you are a human, how did you find this place?" He didn't trust me, I don't blame him.

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