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I yawned as I took off my backpack and placed it down on the empty spot next to me. I rested my feet on the bleachers below me and gazed out into the field. I had a free period and had nothing to do so I decided to just chill out here until my next class started.

I took my earphones out of my pocket and groaned in annoyance when I saw that the wires were all tangled up. I muttered a few curse words to myself as I struggled to separate the cords.

"What goes on Y/LN?"

I looked away from my earphones and saw Lauren making her way towards me. The green eyed girl dropped her bag and plopped down next to me.

"Nothing much. My earphones just decided to have sex while they were in my pocket and now I'm trying to get the damn knots out." I explained, focusing my attention back to the wires.

Lauren snorted and stuck her hand out, "Here, hand them over." I let out a frustrated groan and passed my earphones over to the Cuban.

"What are you doing out here anyway?" I asked as she worked on untangling the wires.

"I have art right now, but there's a substitute," Lauren shrugged and tossed my earphones back to me, "So I just walked out."

"Thanks. And they didn't notice?"

"Nah. It was some lady. She was too busy looking at shoes and clothes online to notice me walking out."

I laughed, "Man I love those types of subs."

"Same. What about you?" Lauren smirked.

"I have a free period." I answered.

"Ah. Where's your other half?"

"Camila? In class, she has physics right now."

"Cool. So since we're literally the only ones out here, you trying to smoke?" Lauren offered, pulling out a joint from the pocket of her black leather jacket.

I quirked an eyebrow, "On campus?"

"Why not? It's been forever since we've gotten high together. You were my smoking buddy, but now you're too occupied with Camila." She pouted.

"Maybe some other time Laur." I said, declining the offer. I didn't want to risk getting caught.

Lauren groaned and shoved the joint back into her pocket. "Fine, your loss."

I chuckled and looked back out to the field.

"Cool bracelet." Lauren complimented, pointing at the bracelet Camila had given me.

I smiled down at my wrist, "Thanks. Camila gave it to me for our anniversary."

"Cute. So how are things between you and lovergirl?" Lauren asked with a teasing smile.

"Perfect. She's perfect. Everything's perfect."

"Awe. It's good to see you happy Y/NN." Lauren smiled and playfully punched my shoulder.

"Thanks loser." I grinned and nudged her.

I checked the time on my phone and saw we still had about 30 minutes until the next bell rang.

"Hey, you down to go to McDonald's or something?I'm kinda hungry and we've got nothing else to do." I offered with a shrug.

"Hell yeah!" Lauren exclaimed.

"Yessss. Let's go." I smirked and grabbed my backpack. I threw it over my shoulder and began going down the bleachers.

Lauren glanced at me and smirked, "Bet I can beat you to the bottom!" I laughed as the dark haired girl began running down. I did the same and followed her back to my car.

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