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I trudged towards my locker. I took out my jacket and slipped it on. I grabbed my notebooks and went to my next class.

"Y/N over here!" Dinah waved me over. She was sitting with Camila and Shawn and my other friends.

I walked towards her. "What's up?"

"Sit with us."

"Ms. Smith won't let me sit back here." I rolled my eyes.

"Dude what are you talking about? We have a sub." Normani spoke making everyone snicker.

I knotted my eyebrows and looked to the front of the classroom. My mood brightened when I saw an unfamiliar teacher sitting down. I glanced back at my friend and grinned.

"Hi Y/N." Lauren greeted.

"Hey Lauren." I smiled.

I took the seat next to Ally and greeted the rest. I tried listening to the conversation the 4 girls were having, but my mind kept wandering back to the kiss I shared with the girl that sat across from me.

"Hey Y/N you ok?" Dinah looked at me concerned.

"Yeah I'm fine, I just didn't get a lot of sleep last night." I lied, faking a yawn.

She seemed to buy it and turned her attention back to Ally, who was telling them about some guy she had a crush on. I looked across the table and held eye contact with Camila until she awkwardly looked away from me.

I leaned my face against my hand and continued listening to what my friends were gossiping about. When the bell rang I gathered my things and stopped at my locker again.

"I'll catch up with you guys." I told my friends. They nodded and began walking away.

I put my notebooks in and shut my locker.

"Y/N." Shawn approached me.

"What's up?" I questioned.

"Did you do something to Camila yesterday? She seems really off today." He crossed his arms.

"No I didn't do anything."

"Ok. I'll just talk to her later then." He said then walked away.

I sighed, hopefully Camila wouldn't tell Shawn about what happened, he'd be on my ass about it if he knew.


A few days passed and things seemed to go back to normal. I got home from school and immediately went to the fridge. Nothing to eat, as always.

"Mom! There's nothing to eat!" I yelled.

"There's snacks in the cabinet! I'll cook later, I have to go." She said as she walked out the door.

I groaned loudly and grabbed some chips from the cabinet. I turned around when the front door closed again. Camila and Shawn walked into the house laughing. I grabbed a coke from the fridge and ran up to my room.

I shut the door and turned on the Netflix. I watched some show called Shameless until I finished the whole bag of chips.

My head snapped to the door when someone opened it and closed it behind them. I watched as Camila leaned against it.

"Jeez ever heard of knocking? What if I was jacking off or something?" I shut my laptop and sat up.

"Oh shut up! We need to talk." She hissed.

"I'm good. Where's Shawn?" I asked, ignoring what she had just said.


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