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I sat in my room tossing a small ball up into the air. Spring break had just started and I was already bored out of mind.

Shawn was gone on a field trip for a couple of days and our parents were at work, so the house was lonely.

My phone dinged loudly. I turned my head to the counter where my phone was. I stood up and look at my screen and saw I had a message.

Mila : heyyy want to hang out ? (:

I didn't know if I should reply. I hadn't hung out with her in a while. I quickly texted Dinah for advice.

me: Camila wants to hang out what do I do??

Dinah: U steal Mahone's girl 💁💁💁

Dinah: show her ur waaaay better than Asstin

I nodded as I read her reply. I switched back to my messages with Camila and texted her back.

me: come over

A few minutes passed and there was a knock on the door. I got up and opened it.

Camila came in with a smile. "Hi."

"Hey." I smiled nervously.

"I missed you." She pouted. "It feels like we haven't hung out in forever."

"Yea sorry. I've been hanging out with Ariana lately." I scratched the back of neck awkwardly.

She squinted her eyes at the mention of the cheerleader.

"Plus you've been with Austin lately." I rolled my eyes.

She cleared her throat.

"Just because Austin and I are talking doesn't mean we can't be friends, right? Plus he's back in Texas for spring break." She smiled.

She walked towards me and wrapped her arms around my neck. I nervously looked down at her.

"Fine. Food then the beach?" I suggested.

"Yea, sounds fun." She smiled.

I grabbed my keys and locked the house. We got into my car and settled in. I buckled my seat belt and began driving.

I started planning this whole thing out in my head as I drove.

Camila looked through my CD's and pulled out one of them with an eyebrow raised.

"One Direction?" She laughed lightly.

"What? Don't judge me their music is really good." I shrugged and laughed.

"I'm not judging you, I love them. I'm just shocked that you like them." She laughed and bit her lip.

"What's your favorite song on this album?" She asked as she held up the album Four.

"I'd probably have to choose between Stockholm Syndrome, Night Changes, or Fireproof." I answered as I kept my eyes on the road.

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