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"Did you finish reading that one book for English?" Dinah asked.

I scoffed and laughed. "Nope I had better things to do with my time. Plus I couldn't get past the first page, it was so boring."

Camila and Dinah looked at me and squinted their eyes in confusion.

"How are you going to write the summary essay on it then? It's due on Friday." Camila said with an eyebrow raised.

"That's what SparkNotes is for." I smiled stupidly and tapped my finger against my head.

"Why the hell didn't I think of that? I read the whole fucking book." Dinah whined.

She crossed her arms and walked ahead of us and went into the class. I walked towards a bench and sat down. I pulled out my phone and responded to the messages I had.

"You're not going to class today?" Camila questioned.

"I am. I just don't want to be early."

I looked up as the tardy bell rang.

"Well your wish is granted. Now you're late." Camila stated before rushing into our class. I chuckled and followed behind. I swung the door open and took my seat in the back next to Lauren.

I greeted her with a nod, "Lauren."

"Y/N." She nodded back making me laugh.

I opened my textbook while the teacher began talking. Her voice began to fade away as my mind drifted off. When she was done talking she handed out a two page article.

"Read this and answer the questions." The teacher spoke. "Partner up!" She yelled.

I looked at Camila and saw she was already partnered with Normani.

Lauren grabbed my arm. "You're my partner."

I shrugged and nodded. Lauren began reading the article we were given.

I rested my head as she read the boring article. My eyes slowly shut as she read the first page. I was woken up by the feeling of someone shaking me, I opened my eyes and saw Lauren with her arms crossed.

"How do you never get caught sleeping?" She laughed.

My eyes widened, "Shit the assignment."

"Don't worry I finished it." She rolled her eyes.

I looked around and saw we were the only ones still in the class. I rubbed my eyes and grabbed my things.

We walked out the classroom and went towards the lunch tables. I took a seat next to Camila and smiled at her.

"Still a need a tutor for your test?" She asked.

I nodded in response. I didn't notice Austin was next to her until he cleared his throat and shot me a glare.

"Ok I'll go to your place tonight." She smiled.

Austin protectively wrapped his arm around Camila and pulled her towards him.

I rolled my eyes and looked at my friends.

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