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"Karla! You're going to be late!" I heard Camila's dad's voice boom from downstairs.

Camila detached her lips from mine and let out a sigh. I held eye contact with her and smiled. I gently pushed her off me so I could sit up. She pouted and crossed her arms.

"I don't want to go to school. I want to stay in bed with you." She whined and pushed me back again.

I chuckled and rested my hands on her waist, "Me too, but I don't think your dad would like that idea," I playfully raised an eyebrow.

She rolled her eyes and giggled, "Right."

She got off my waist allowing me to sit again. I stood up and fixed my shirt. I grabbed my backpack and put it back on.

"Ready?" she asked.

"I mean I guess."

I followed Camila downstairs and stopped by the kitchen. Her family was having breakfast. Sofi turned her head and smiled when she saw me. "Y/N!" She yelled excitedly making Sinu and Alejandro immediately look my way.

"Y/N? When did you get here?" Sinu smiled and stood up. "Are you hungry?" She offered.

"Uh just now," I lied, "And no thank you Ms. Cabello. I ate before I came over." I smiled.
She nodded and threw her dish in the sink.

"Alright then. Come on Sofia, time for school."

The small girl groaned and stood up. She grabbed her purple backpack, that was a little too big for her small body, and put it on. She waved goodbye to me and followed her mom out of the house. "We should go too." Camila spoke up. "Just let me grab my cheer bag."

Camila quickly ran up the stairs, leaving me and her dad alone. He looked up from his plate of food and eyed me. I felt slightly intimidated under his gaze.

"Good morning sir." I finally greeted him with an awkward smile. I really didn't want to be on this man's bad side.

"Good morning indeed." He said as he took a bite out of his sandwich.

He went back to reading his newspaper. I looked away as Camila came back down the stairs. She grabbed her house key and put her school ID around her neck.

"See you later papi!"

I stepped out of her house while she locked the front door. We got into my car and settled in. I kept my eyes on the road as I sped to school.

"You have cheer practice today?" I questioned.

"Yeah during 6th period. Normani said she added a few touches to our routine, so we have to learn them before the game on Friday." She explained while grabbing her duffel bag.

"Cool. Are you still riding home with me?" I asked, taking a small glance at the Cuban. I pulled into the school's lot and parked.

"Of course." She smiled.

Camila tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and stared at me. "So how do we do this?" She asked.

"Do what?" I asked in confusion.

"I want people to know that we're together, but like...how do I tell them?" She asked while playing with the bottom of her shirt.

"Oh. Well I mean, you don't literally have to go around telling people that we're a couple. We could just like hold hands or something and if anyone asks you if we're together then you can tell them." I shrugged. She bit her lip and looked like she was thinking.

"Does that make sense?" I asked.

She smiled, "Yeah, I get what you mean."

"Alright cool."

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