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I parked outside Lauren's house. I looked out the window and saw her house was already packed with kids from school and strangers, on both the outside and the inside. "Ready?" I asked Camila as she put her jacket on.

She grinned, "Yes."

We got off my car and walked towards the entrance of Lauren's house. I could feel the bass from the loud music hitting against me. I looked around at all the rowdy teenagers and was immediately greeted by a few people.

I waved at them and followed Camila into the house. I grabbed onto their waist so I wouldn't lose her in the crowd of bodies. We went into the kitchen where our friends sat.

"Y/NN!" Dinah yelled and latched onto me.

"What's up." I smiled and took a seat on the stool next to Ally. The shorter girl smiled brightly at me. I glanced at Lauren who was making drinks. She smirked and slid me a red cup. I looked at the cup and squinted my eyes.

"What's in this?" I asked.

"Find out." She challenged.

I hesitantly took a sip of the drink. As soon as the liquid hit my throat, it burned. I grimaced and shivered, "That's strong."

"That's the point." She laughed. "Do the rest of you guys want any before I go?" The green eyed girl asked. The girls shook their heads. Lauren shrugged and walked away with her drinks. I took another sip of my drink and bobbed my head to music that was playing.


I turned around and saw a group of girls approaching my girlfriend. Camila excitedly greeted them and hugged them.

"How have you guys been?" Camila questioned.

"Let's talk outside it's loud!" One of the girls yelled over the music. I watched as her friends began walking out. Camila walked over to me and spoke into my ear, since it was really loud, "I'll be back in a bit! Don't drink too much."

I gave her a thumbs up making her giggle. She walked away leaving me in the kitchen. I turned back around and saw that the other girls were gone too. I huffed and walked to where the action was. I squeezed my way through the crowd of dancing bodies. I walked all around Lauren's whole house trying to find my friends. I had no luck and stood in the middle of the room.


I turned my head and saw Ariana standing next to me. She held a red cup in one hand and gave me a toothy grin. "Hey!" I smiled.

"This party's wild!" She chuckled.

"Yeah!" I yelled. "How's your summer been?" I questioned. "Huh?" She yelled over the loud noises. "How's your summer-" the shorter girl cut me off. "Let's talk somewhere quieter I can't hear!" She grabbed my arm leading me out the room. We stepped out to the backyard where it was less crowded. I hesitantly took a seat next to her, I didn't want Camila to see me and get the wrong idea.

"What were you saying?" She smiled.

"Uh-How's your summer?" I chuckled.

"Oh. It's been fun. I've been hanging out with my friends a lot and I started coming up with new cheer routines, since school starts in a few days." She spoke in an enthusiastic tone. "What about you? How's your summer?" She grinned.

"Cool, can't wait to see what you came up with," I chuckled, "And my summers been great, you know just chillin and shit."

She laughed at my response and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Silence came over us and things began to feel awkward for me. I stared out at the yard and felt Ariana eyes on me. Before anything could become more awkward Lauren came out, "Y/N come on we're playing beer pong!" The green eyed yelled and rushed back in. I stood up and dusted my pants off.

"I should get back to my friends. I'll see you around Y/NN." The short girl smiled before walking off.

I walked back into the party and went towards the small area where they had set up the beer pong. "Y/LN get your ass over here, you're with me! Let's go!" Lauren smirked.

I stood next to the green eyed Cuban who grabbed the small white ball. She took the first shot and missed completely.

"Fuck!" She huffed.

"Nice shot loser." I rolled my eyes.

"Fuck off." She laughed.

Dinah, who was partnered with her girlfriend, was up next. I watched as she grabbed the ball and closed one eye to focus her aim. After a few seconds, she shot the ball and made it into one of our cups. The Polynesian cheered.

"Who's taking the drink?" Lauren asked as she picked up the cup and took the ball out.

"You're the one that missed." I shrugged.

"Fine." Lauren quickly down the drink and clapped her hands together. She handed me the white ball. I focused my eyes on the easiest cup to make it in and shot the ball. The ball went in making Lauren yell in excitement.

"Drink that shit bitch!"

I laughed and watched as Dinah picked up the cup. She drank what was in it and threw cup out. This game went on for a long hour, and we still lost. Lauren and I had drank the most. By the time we were done I was a bit dizzy and lightheaded. "Round 2 in a bit." Lauren patted my shoulder. I stumbled out of the spinning room and went towards the stairs. I slowly made my way up and walked down the empty corridor to find the bathroom.

"Y/N! I've been looking for you everywhere!" Camila laughed as she approached me.

I blinked hardly and tried to focus my eyes on my girlfriend. I was seeing two of her right now.

"Are you okay?" Both Camila's asked.

I drunkenly laughed, "There's two of you."

"You drank a lot didn't you?" She rolled her eyes with a smile.

"Just a bit." I grinned.

"I called Shawn to pick me up. I forgot I'm having breakfast with my family tomorrow morning. You coming or staying?" Camila questioned.

"She's staying! We have a game to continue." Lauren appeared out of nowhere and draped her arms around the back of my neck.

"Apparently I'm staying." I chuckled.

"Fine. Have fun, but not too much fun. Good night, I'll see you tomorrow." Camila wrapped her arms around me and pecked my cheek.

I watched as Camila began making her way down the stairs. "Come on! We're playing truth or dare after this." Lauren smirked. "Wait just let me use the bathroom quick." I spoke as I shut the bathroom door.

Lauren waited for me and dragged me with her as soon as I stepped out. She lead me back towards the white table with the red cups. This time it had less cups though. "Ready for another ass whooping?" Dinah smirked. We began the game. It was much shorter than the last one, and it ended in a tie. "Truth or Dare!" Lauren yelled out.

By now I was basically plastered. I stumbled into the living room and plopped down on the couch next to Dinah who was wasted as well.

A small group gathered and formed a circled. The game began and the questions went around. I listened to all the dirty confessions and all the stupid dares that were given. It finally landed it on me and it was Lauren's turn to ask. "Y/N." She smirked. "Truth or dare?"

"Dare." I smirked back. I usually would've picked truth to be safe, but I was too drunk to care.

"Yes! I have a good one, but I bet you won't do it." She drunkenly laughed.

"What is it?" I asked.

Lauren leaned towards me and whispered the dare into my ear. We both broke into a fit of giggles, "I bet you won't."

"Bet." I challenged.

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