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I laid resting my head on Camila's lap while she ran her fingers through my hair. We were in comfortable silence. I stared at light on the ceiling and sighed in content. This was nice.

"It's a year today." Camila suddenly spoke. I moved my eyes up and gave her a questioning look. "A year of what?" I curiously asked.

She averted her eyes away from the tv and looked down at me, "A year since we agreed to that friends with benefits thing." I raised my eyebrows, "Really?" I was surprised to hear that a year had already went by. It really didn't even feel like a year. Camila giggled, "Yeah." I smiled, "Wait, you remembered the date?" I asked. She nodded sheepishly. "Cute." I teased with a grin.

"How could I forget it? I'll be forever grateful for that teacher that made us be partners for that dumb project." She mumbled with a sweet smile. My stomach fluttered at her words. I nodded, "Yeah, me too." We smiled and held eye contact with each other for a few moments.

"I love you, like a lot."

"And I love you."

She lowered her head down and placed a tender kiss on my forehead. I smiled stupidly and sat up to face her properly. I reached for her hand and laced our fingers together.

"We should go out."

"Where to?" She questioned as she played with are intertwined hands. "I don't know. How about the boardwalk?" I suggested.

"Okay." She agreed with a small smile.

I cheered and grabbed my shoes from the ground. Once we both had our shoes on, we left my house. I unlocked the doors to my car and got settled in. Camila immediately went through my CDs. She pulled out one of Drake's old albums and put it in. I smiled as the song 'Make me Proud' began to blast through the car speakers.

"Yes!" She shouted with a smile.

The ride to the beach was full of loud music and singing from Camila, which I didn't mind because she had a beautiful voice. She didn't stop singing until I parked and cut the engine off. She glanced at me and shyly smiled.

"I know I've said this like a thousand times, but you have an amazing voice." I complimented.

A pink tint appeared on her cheeks. I chuckled and got off the car. I joined Camila's side and began walking towards the boardwalk. The beach was packed as usual. It was getting dark out already so the place was already illuminated with colorful lights.

Camila and I spent most of the evening walking through the gift shops and getting on the small rides. We came to a stop when Camila saw a giant stuffed bear hung up by one of the booths. Her mouth dropped and she immediately looked at me.

"I want it!" She exclaimed like a child.

I laughed, "Let see how much it costs."

Camila squealed excitedly and rushed towards the booth. I followed her and was immediately greeted by the man running it. "How much for the giant stuffed bear?" I asked.

"You have to play the game to win it. Three dollars to play." He answered with a smile.

I glanced at Camila who was still looking at the bear. She quickly reached into her bag and took out three dollars. She handed them to the man then looked at me, "You play. I'm not good."

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