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"What do you think of this Michael guy?"

Dinah looked up from her notebook and shrugged her shoulders, "He's not really a looker, I don't know what Mila ever saw in him."

"How serious was their relationship?"

Dinah chuckled a bit, "How serious can a relationship between two fifteen year olds be?" I nodded, she had a point.

"I just want to know if I should be trusting him around Camila." I muttered. "He's been hanging around her a lot since he started here. I really want to say something, but I don't want Mila to think I'm a clingy asshole."

Dinah placed a hand on my shoulder, "Everybody knows you're an asshole."

I scoffed and swatted her hand away.

"I'm kidding!" She laughed. "There's nothing wrong with feeling jealous, but I know for a fact that Camila is head over heels for you. Stop worrying."

I laughed a bit. "Speak of the devil. Here she comes now." I looked over my shoulder and saw Camila was indeed coming towards us.

"Hey." My girlfriend greeted with a grin.

Dinah and I waved at the same time. Camila sat in the desk next to mine and turned her body to face me. She leaned closer to me and did her best to speak in a hushed voice, "So I have the house all to myself tonight, and I was wondering if you wanted to come over? I feel like we haven't had any alone time in forever."

"Alone time, huh?" Dinah interjected while wiggling her eyebrows.

Camila rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, that's because we haven't." I remarked. "But that sounds good Mila, I actually wanted to talk to you about something anyways."

She nodded with a smile and properly sat back into her desk. The tardy bell rang and a handful of students, that included Normani, rushed into the classroom.

"Did Lauren already tell you guys about the party she's having this weekend?" She asked as she took a seat in the desk next to Dinah's.

"No. Why is she having a party?" I asked.

"Her parents are going to be gone for the weekend, I guess she wants take advantage of having the place to herself." She shrugged while taking out her folder.

"Awesome!" Dinah happily shouted.

"Alright class settle down." The teacher spoke, causing everyone in the room to go quiet. "We are going to continue reading and annotating the article I handed out yesterday. So take it out." I groaned, it must have been a little loud because the teacher's head snapped towards where I sat. He tilted his head and smiled, "Y/N, why don't you start reading for us? First paragraph on the second page."

Camila and my friends snickered along with the rest of my classmates. I sighed and turned the page over. I cleared my throat and began reading.


"Mhm...so good Y/NN." Camila husked into my ear. I should have guessed that this was what we would be doing when she asked me to come over. It's not like I was complaining. We hadn't had sex in a while and it was a good distraction from the thoughts in my head.

My eyes trailed down Camila's glistening body. I placed a gentle kiss on her neck. Her soft brown eyes stared deeply into mine. I felt small under her gaze. A tiny smile ghosted her lips, she moved her head forward and brought me into a kiss. I slowly pulled away when she moaned into my mouth.

"Faster." She whispered against my ear and nibbled lightly on my earlobe.

Her voice caused goosebumps to rise on my arms. I followed her orders and picked up the pace. I slammed in and out of her with no mercy until I hit a spot that made her shriek in pleasure. A smirk grew on my face. She wrapped her legs around my waist and tried to push me in deeper, if it was even possible.

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