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Camila's POV

I sat in class resting my face on one hand while I doodled in my notebook with the other. I kept my eyes on the board as the teacher talked. I didn't understand why she was still teaching, tomorrow was the last day of school.

I sighed and looked down at my notebook. My eyes widened when I looked at the little doodles I had drawn.

Y/N's name was sketched out on my paper with little hearts and other small drawings around it.

I frowned. It was killing me that she wouldn't talk to me, and I felt bad for rejecting her like that.

I had spent the past couple of days thinking about everything and decided that I was going to end things with Austin until I got my mind right. I didn't know what I wanted anymore.

"Hey Mila what you got there?" Dinah whispered as she tried to look at my notebook.

I quickly ripped the page out and crumbled it.

"Nothing." I whispered.

She gave me a look of confusion, but shrugged it off. She looked back at the board while I threw the crumbled paper into my bag.

I glanced across the room and looked at Y/N. She was playing around with the gold ring on her finger.

I stared at her until she suddenly turned her head and met my gaze. I immediately looked away.

I looked back after a few moments and saw she was still staring at me with a blank expression on her face.

"Ms. Cabello do you have the answer?" The teacher asked catching me off guard.

The whole class had their eyes on me now.

"I-I'm sorry. Can you repeat the question?" I nervously spoke.

"Do you know how many judges there are on the Supreme Court?" She repeated.

"Nine?" I answered, but it came out more as question.

"Correct." She smiled and went on with whatever she was talking about.

I let out a breath of relief. Lucky guess.

The bell rang cutting off the teacher.

"Well that's it. Have a good day." She spoke happily and dismissed the class.

I grabbed my notebook and shoved it into my bag. I felt a hand on my shoulder, I looked up and saw Austin.

"What a boring class." He rolled his eyes. "You coming to my place later on?"

"Yeah." I laughed nervously.

He wrapped an arm around me and lead us out the classroom. I looked down as we walked through the hall. I was still thinking about the doodle I had drawn in class.

"Austin! My man!" I looked up and saw one of his football friends approaching.

Austin gave the guy a fist bump and smirked. He began having a conversation with the guy so I just walked away.

I turned into the next hall and saw Y/N at her locker. The hallway was empty so I walked towards her.

"Hi." I greeted. "Emptying out your locker already?"

She didn't say anything, she ignored me and  continued taking her stuff out.

"Can we talk?" I tried again.

I leaned against the locker next to hers.

"About what?" She finally answered.

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