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I shut my locker and squeezed my way through the crowded hallway full of people that were headed to the lunch area.

I went to the usual table I sat at with my friends. I placed my bag on the table and sat down. I glanced at Lauren who had her eyes focused on her phone screen.

"You're always on your damn phone." I said making the green eyed girl look up.

"Ok mom." She rolled her eyes and locked her phone. I laughed and scooted closer to the girl.

"Have you seen Camila?" I questioned.

I hadn't seen my girlfriend since first period. I would usually see her during our passing periods but I didn't see her at all today.

"Nope." Lauren casually answered while taking a bite out of her sandwich.

I hummed in response. I watched as Dinah and Ally approached the table with their trays of lunch. "The lunch lines are hella long." Dinah whined as she sat down next to me.

"That's why I don't get lunch." I said.

"And that's why you get home hungry as hell." She rolled her eyes.

Ally opened her backpack and pulled out a small ziplock filled with cookies. She opened the bag of cookies and offered me some. I gladly took a few and thanked the short girl. She watched as I took a bite out of one.

"How are they? I baked them last night." She stated with a bright smile.

I moaned as I ate the cookie, "These are really good Ally." I answered truthfully.

"Thank you." She giggled.

She closed up the bag and extended her hand arm out, "Keep them, I have more at home plus I don't want you to starve." She smiled sweetly.

I eagerly took the small bag from her, "Thanks, you're the best." I smiled and finished eating the cookies. I wiped my hands off and took a sip of my water. I turned my head when I heard Normani's voice call out Dinah's name.

I looked to the side and felt my jaw drop slightly when I saw Camila next to Normani in a cheer outfit. The sight was very appealing. "You made the team?" I asked.

"No she's just wearing a fucking cheer outfit for fun." Lauren sarcastically interjected.

I rolled my eyes at the green eyed girl and looked back at Camila. "I did." Camila nodded with a bright smile.

"That's great. You look really really good." I complimented as I ogled her body.

"Thank you." She smiled and tried squeezing in between Dinah and I.

"Damn girl. Excuse you." Dinah glared and scooted so she could fit in.

Camila laughed in response. I felt her soft hand intertwine with mine underneath the table. I smiled and met her gaze. The rest of the lunch period went by and we were off to our next period.

I entered our math class with Dinah, Camila, and Ally trailing behind me. I was greeted by Ariana who sat in the front with her friends. I gave her a quick wave.

I walked towards the back of the room and took a seat at my desk by the window. I slumped down and pulled out the homework from last night. I handed it to Ally to pass to the front of the class. I glanced at Dinah who was hastily copying the five problems from Camila's work. She scribbled her name at the top and quickly handed both papers to the person in front of her.

"So irresponsible." I teased.

"Hush. I didn't have time to do it last night."

I chuckled and moved my attention to the front of the class when the teacher began her lesson. I looked at the board and saw we were taking notes again. I pulled out my folder and a pen. I sighed and listened to the teacher as she explained how to factor equations. I yawned and rested my face against my hand. The time seemed like it was going by really slow.

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