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Camila's POV

I walked through the hall with a smile on my face. I was greeted by students and teachers, as usual. I made my way into the student council room and sat next to Shawn.

"Hey Camila what's got you so smiley today?"

"Nothing, I can't be in a good mood?" I replied.

"We both know you're not a morning person." He laughed.

I chuckled, "Well I feel good today."

Shawn hummed and eyed me before going back to making the banners for the football game. I grabbed a marker and began helping him out.

I watched as Y/N came into the room with a smirk. It had been a few days since we agreed to the 'friends with benefits' thing, but we still hadn't actually had sex yet. The farthest we had gotten was heated make out sessions.

I was snapped out my thoughts by a deep voice.

"Hey Camilla you look good." I turned and saw Austin.

I cringed at the mispronunciation of my name.

"CamEEla." I corrected. "And thanks Austin."

He chuckled, "Right, my bad Camila." He walked back to the table and continued helping with the banner.

"Hey Shawn is it ok if I hang out in here? I have a free period." Y/N finally spoke up. "And by free period, I mean I got kicked out of class and have nowhere else to go so please say yes." She pleaded making me giggle.

Shawn laughed, "Yea, but can you help us with these banners?"

"For sure." She said as she dropped her bag and sat on the rolling chair.

I stood up and went to grab a different colored marker. From the corner of my eye I saw Y/N checking me out. Has she always done this and I just didn't notice? My eyes met her intense stare. Her stare wasn't the usual cold one though, it was different.

I smiled at her and she quickly sent one back. I looked down and sat beside Shawn. I continued coloring in the giant letters. I purposely stuck my butt out so I could catch Y/N looking at it.

My plan worked, I looked at Y/N who looked like she was in a trance. I watched as she pulled out her phone. I giggled and switched markers.

A few seconds later my phone vibrated.

y/n 🙄 : do you have an inhaler? because you've got ass ma 😫😤🍑👅💦😻

I looked at her and began laughing at the stupid joke. She smiled stupidly. I sent back 3 laughing emojis.

y/n 🙄: Shawn won't be home after school today,, wanna come over? 🍆🍑😂

I laughed at the emojis she used.

me: Ok 😂

"Who are you texting?" Shawn asked curiously.

"It was Normani she asked if I wanted to hang out." I lied and quickly locked my phone.

He nodded and went back to coloring the poster board. I looked at Y/N who got up from her seat and stretched. I took in her appearance she wore a white thrasher shirt and some heavily ripped jeans with some white high tops.

"Hey Y/N," A pretty girl greeted with a flirty smile as she entered into the room.

Y/N looked a bit confused at the approach, but nonetheless greeted her, "Hey?"

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