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I sat in my room with Dinah and Camila. We were studying for the Algebra test we were having this week. I stared at the ceiling and tapped my pencil against my textbook. I looked down when my phone vibrated.

Unknown - hey it's Ariana (:

I unlocked my phone and texted back.

"Y/N!" Dinah suddenly yelled making me jump slightly. I smacked her arm for scaring me.

"Stop yelling I'm less than a foot away from you." I exclaimed in annoyance.

"I have a question." She said nervously. Camila looked up as well.

"Well? Spit it out." I said impatiently.

"Would you get mad if I were to... maybe want to ask Normani out?" She said slowly.

I looked at Dinah who looked like she was expecting the worst to come out of my mouth. Both girls had their eyes on me now.

"Why would I get mad?" I chuckled.

"Because you two dated and it'd be fucked up for me to date your ex girlfriend." She explained.

"Dude go ahead. I told you Normani and I ended mutually. You two would look good together anyways." I laughed.

She quickly tackled me into a tight hug. "Thank you thank you thank you thank you!" She repeated happily.

I laughed and tried to pry her arms off me. After a few moments she let go. I took a sip of my water. "Now we need to find you a girlfriend." She wiggled her eyebrows. I immediately choked on my water.

"What?" I chuckled nervously.

"We're all going to be dating someone except you. You're the only one still riding solo."

I looked up and met Camila's eyes.

I cleared my throat, "And where am I going to find a girlfriend?"

"Bitch. You have plenty of girls lined up to be your girlfriend, I'm sure it won't be that hard." She laughed.

I rubbed the back of my neck, "I don't know. I like being single."

Dinah looked at me and crossed her arms.

"Shut the fuck up. No one likes being single. Only lonely losers that can't find love say shit like that." She joked.

"Jeez. That's a bit harsh." I laughed.

"C'mon there's got to be one girl that's caught your eye." Dinah smirked.

"Not really." I lied.

I had decided that I was going to ignore my feelings for the brown eyed Cuban, for now at least. I uncomfortably shifted around on the bed. My screen lit up and Dinah's eyes scanned my screen. Her lips curled up into a smirk.

"What about Ariana? You said you like cheerleaders." She nudged me playfully.

I shrugged, "I don't even know her."

"Then why are you texting her?" Dinah smirked. Camila stared at me.

"Uh well she asked for my number the other day, so I gave it to her." I nervously laughed as both girls eyed me. I wanted nothing more than to move the attention away from me, but Dinah continued pushing it.

"I could see you two together. You guys would be cute." Dinah smiled.

"Jesus. Please stop, I don't need you to play matchmaker for me." I pleaded with a breathy laugh.

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