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I finished getting dressed and looked in the mirror. I ran a hand through my hair and let out a shaky breath.

"So where the hell do I take her?" I asked as I paced around my room.

I glanced at Dinah and Ally who sat on my bed. Dinah looked like she was thinking while Ally just had a smile on her face.

"It doesn't matter where you go, I'm sure Camila will just enjoy spending time with you." Ally spoke in an assuring tone.

"You said she's not ready to be out yet. Take her somewhere where you won't be the center of attention." Dinah suggested.

I thought about it and nodded. That seemed like a good idea.

"A picnic?" I asked as I rubbed my neck.

Dinah clapped her hands, "Yes, that's cute. Try taking her somewhere secluded though."

"By the lake." Ally butted in. "Remember that spot we used to always go to when we were kids?" She smiled.

"The spot where we built the swing." I stated with a nod. "Can you guys help me set it up?" I asked.

"Duh. We'll make sure it's perfect." Dinah smiled.

"Great, let's go to the store." I smiled.

The girls stood up and followed me out the house. I drove to the closest store and made a mental list of things I was going to get.

"Bananas are the first thing you should grab." Dinah said as she grabbed a cart.

"And a small basket to put the snacks and stuff in, before you forget." Ally added.

"Right." I grabbed a small picnic basket from the shelves and tossed it into the shopping cart.

We roamed around the huge store and got everything I would need. We passed the toy section and ended up messing around with all the stuff.

I grabbed a volleyball and threw it at Dinah. "Catch!" I yelled.

The ball hit her on the head causing her to drop the hula-hoop she was winding around her waist.

"Bitch!" She yelled and rubbed her head.

Ally and I laughed hardly as she bent down. She grabbed the ball and tossed it before kicking it high. I gasped when it broke one of the ceiling tiles. Dinah's mouth turned into an 'O' shape.

After a few seconds I began laughing, "You dumb ass!"

"Let's go! Before we get caught." Ally panicked.

I grabbed the cart and casually rolled it away from the section we were in. I strolled to the front and got in line to pay. Once we were out of the store I began laughing again.

"You got some strong ass legs."

Dinah snorted, "I didn't mean to kick it that high."

"They probably got it on camera." Ally mumbled in a worried tone.

"No that Walmart is ratchet as hell. I doubt their cameras even work." I joked as I put the bags into my trunk.

"Ok so should I set this up right now or when I get there?" I asked as I buckled my seat.

"Right now. That way when you're there Camila won't have to wait for you to set it all up." Ally smiled.

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