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Camila's POV

"So are you and Y/N doing anything special for your six-month anniversary?" Dinah curiously asked as we entered the empty hallway.

I smiled at the mention of it. Today marked six months since me and Y/N got together, officially. We agreed that we'd keep things nice and simple, so that neither of us would stress out over what to give each other. I came to a stop at my locker, "We don't have any plans yet."

Dinah quirked an eyebrow and leaned against the blue locker next to mine, "What do you mean you don't have plans? Why don't you have plans?"

"We don't want to make it a big deal out of it. Me and Y/N agreed that we'd keep things simple so that neither of us would feel pressured to have to do something big for each other." I explained with a shrug. "I did get her a small gift though."

"Hm. I guess that makes sense," Dinah shrugged, "So what'd you get her?"

I focused my eyes on the lock as I put in my combination. "Nothing big. I got her a bracelet and made her a photo album filled with every picture we've taken together since we've been dating."

"Awe. That's cute." Dinah cooed with a smile.

I glanced at her and smiled, "Thanks."

I popped open my lock and opened my locker. A smile formed on my lips as soon as I looked inside of it. My eyes landed on a bouquet of roses that had a card attached to them. I could hear Dinah squealing her head off behind me.

"Not a big deal huh?"

I reached for the pretty flowers and pulled off the card that was attached to them. A stupid smile rested on my face as I read it. I bit my lip and closed it when I was done reading it. Dinah immediately snatched it from my hand and began to read it.

While she did that, I lowered my head down and took a whiff of the pink roses. I shut my eyes and inhaled the beautiful floral scent.

I looked up when Dinah laughed, "Oh god, you can totally tell Y/N wrote this. It's cute."

I giggled and nodded my head in agreement. I took the card back from her and placed it back into my locker, along with the roses.

"Shit! I forgot I told Mani I'd meet up with her before class starts. I got to go." Dinah exclaimed.

I chuckled and watched as the tall girl speed walked out of the lonely hallway.

"So...did you like the flowers and the card?" Y/N's voice suddenly appeared behind me.

I quickly spun around. She wore her usual confident smile, but I could tell she was nervous. Without a warning, I tackled the taller girl into a tight hug. Y/N stumbled back, but quickly caught her balance. She chuckled and wrapped her arms around me. I moved my head off of her shoulder and placed an innocent kiss on her lips. She smiled against my lips and slowly pulled away after a few seconds.

"I'll take that as a yes?" Y/N laughed.

"I love them and I love you," I mumbled before placing another kiss on her lips. I released her from my grip and dropped back down to the ground, "So is this the real reason you left to school early today?"

Y/N had texted me this morning to let me know that she wouldn't be able to give me a ride to school today. She claimed that she had to leave earlier than usual to make up a test before school started. I really didn't think much of it though.

"Yeah." Y/N answered with a cheeky smile.

"Ugh. You're the best."

"I try." She shrugged with a charming smile.

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