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I laid in the living room alone eating a bag popcorn. Ariana left a while ago and it was dark out. I watched a movie on Netflix until a rough pounding on the front door startled me.

My head snapped towards the door. Who the fuck was knocking on my door like that?

I slowly got up and peeked through the window. I squinted my eyes and saw Camila. I swung the door open and was about to make a rude remark until she turned around and I saw her face.

She was crying and her lip was swollen.

"Camila?" I questioned worriedly.

She quickly latched onto me and wrapped her arms around me tightly.

"Y/N. I-I'm s-sorry I didn't know w-where else t-to go." She spoke in between sobs.

I felt my shirt begin to get soaked in tears as she sniffled into my chest. I wrapped my arms around the girl and pulled her inside. I shut the door and looked down at her, releasing her from my grip.

"Camila what happened?" I asked.

"J-Just hold me please." She sniffled.

I nodded and wrapped my arms around her tightly while I lead her to the couch. She dropped her bag on the floor and laid on my lap. I rubbed her back soothingly to calm her down, it sort of worked after a while.

Her breathing became steady again and she wasn't crying anymore. My mind went wild with thoughts of what could've possibly happened to the girl.

"Camila?" She shifted her body and faced me.

She had dry blood on the corner of her lip.

"Lets wash up your lip?" I suggested.

She nodded and slowly stood up. I grabbed her hand and lead her towards the bathroom. I grabbed onto her waist and placed her on the counter.

I grabbed a rag and wet it with warm water. I reached to hold her jaw, but she winced when I touched it. I quickly pulled my hand away.

"Sorry." I mumbled.

I dabbed her lip softly and wiped the blood off.

"There. Now let's ice your jaw."

She hopped down and followed me down stairs. I went into the freezer and grabbed an ice pack. I grabbed two painkillers and a water bottle for her. I turned around and handed the things to Camila.

"Thank you." She mumbled softly.

She swallowed the two pills and grabbed the ice pack. I sat down across from her and watched as she placed the ice pack against her cheek. She looked tired and worn out. We sat in a silence for a few minutes until I spoke up.

"Camila can you please tell me what happened, and who did this to you?" I finally asked.

She looked like she didn't want to. She sighed and opened her mouth to speak, "Austin."

I blinked, Austin. I felt my anger rise rapidly.

She spoke again, "I broke up with him because I realized I like you, and he got mad so he threatened to out me. I slapped him and he hit me back." She finished.

"Its was my fault I hit him first-"

"No." I shook my head angrily. I couldn't believe Camila thought this was her fault.

My mind was racing as I processed everything she had just said into my head. I wasn't even focused on the fact that she had just admitted she had feelings for me. I was fully focused on the fact that Austin threatened Camila and hit her. I stood up and clenched my fists. I was really going to beat the shit out of him now.

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