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I leaned against the lockers and talked to Ariana. She laughed as I ranted about how hard my chemistry class is.

"I literally don't understand a thing in the class. I'm probably going to fail this test and have to retake the class." I pouted.

"I have a B in chemistry, I can help you study?" She suggested.

I glanced behind her and saw Camila looking at us. She noticed I caught her staring and quickly adjusted her eyes somewhere else. I looked back at Ariana and realized I didn't answer her question.

"Really? That'd be a lot of help thanks." I smiled and nodded.

"Of course anything for a friend." She smiled.

I pulled her into a hug. "Thanks Ari, can you come by after school?" She hugged back and giggled. "You're welcome, and yeah."

I checked to see if Camila was still there, but she wasn't. I shrugged and continued hugging the cheerleader.

Someone cleared their throat behind me. I released Ariana from the embrace. I turned around and saw Camila.

"Camila, hey." I greeted the Cuban who held a folder against her chest.

"I need you to help me with something."

She tugged on my arm and pulled me away from Ariana before I could say anything.

"I'll text you!" I yelled to Ariana, she gave me a thumbs up.

"Camila what the heck!"

She ignored me and dragged me towards a class. She scanned the hallway before pulling me into the room. I crossed my arms as I walked in and leaned against the big desk at the front of the room.

"Dude what the hell?" I looked at her in confusion.

She dropped her bag and strutted towards me. I felt myself get nervous as she got closer to me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me into a rough kiss. I quickly kissed back as she leaned against me. She stopped and smirked.

I curiously watched as she walked to the other side of the desk. My mouth dropped slightly when she stuck an arm out and knocked everything off the desk. She walked back towards me and pushed me back onto the desk

She climbed on top of me and reconnected our lips while straddling me."C-Camila." I mumbled against her lips.

She hummed in response without breaking the kiss. I felt her hand traveling from my stomach to the waistband of my joggers. "Wait wait wait." I quickly broke the kiss.

She licked her lips. "What? You don't want to have sex?"

"Uh yeah, but not here where we could get caught." I laughed nervously.

"You're right, then how about later at your place?" She bit her lip as she got off of me.

"I actually can't, I'm busy." I rubbed my neck and sat up.

"Busy doing what? Ariana?" She spat and crossed her arms.

I laughed, "No, she's just going to help me study for my Chemistry test." I explained.

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