“It will become a reality someday.” She smirked, getting up and walking out, swinging her hips. I was left speechless on the ground, my laughter dead and my mouth hanging open.


 “I am scarred for life!” Louis announced, as we walked downstairs later when the boys came back.

“Why?” Liam asked, looking up from his phone where he was texting Danielle.

“So earlier…” Lou started, and Zayn and I were laughing silently, intertwined on the couch. “I walked in on Kylie and Zayn kissing, and then they locked the door and had very loud sex, while I was in the house.”

Everyone whipped their head around to look at Zayn and I, who were now full-on cracking up.

“Why do you find scarring my boo funny?” Hazza asked, pulling Louis into his side. He fake-sobbed into his chest.

“So what really happened…” Zayn said, chuckling.

“Louis was being an idiot so we tricked him into thinking we were doing it, which we WERE NOT.” I added.

What? “Why would you do that to me?” Louis gasped.

“It was fucking hilarious.” Zayn laughed.

After we stopped laughing, we noticed that Niall and Sydney were missing. Where the hell did those short people go? I walked upstairs, both to get my phone and looking for Sydney. I walked past Niall’s room, stopping in my tracks.

“Niiiiii!” a girl voice moaned.

“Fuck, Syd!” he said in his Irish accent.

Moans, groans, and scream ensued. Is this how Louis felt? I REALLY didn’t want to hear this, but I couldn’t walk away either.

A while after they stopped, a safe time, I cracked open the door. Sydney ripped the covers up and Niall blushed, just in his boxers.

“You know there’s people downstairs and you guys are loud when it comes to sex?” I asked cheekily, grinning.

“Oh God.” Sydney said, her head in her hands.

“Bye bye, Ky.” Niall said, blushing furiously.

I laughed my ass out the door, going to get my phone.

*Harry’s POV*

I wasn’t lying when I said that I met someone new, but I was lying when I said I was completely over Kylie. Was I supposed to be happy with her dumping me for another guy? Yes, I expected it and it didn’t kill me, but it wasn’t a pleasant pang my heart got when I saw her and Zayn together. But I wanted her to be happy, and having her hide what was so obvious from me wasn’t really doing anything.

The new girl? Her name was Amy…I met her after the interview. She was there with her little sister, which I thought was really sweet. She was a fan, but not a superfan. She had dirty blonde hair and dark blue eyes, she was gorgeous. I talked to her for just a second and asked for her Twitter. I tweeted her later that day, and we had been tweeting back and forth for the week, and she eventually gave me her number. I texted her.

-Hey, it’s Harry(: you can’t give anyone my number though okay?? Xx-

-Hey, Harry! Of course not!-

-What are you up to, babe?-

“Who you texting?” Kylie sang, looking over my shoulder.

“Amy.” I said, smiling.

“Harry’s got a girlfriend!” Niall whooped.

“I do not.” I blushed, looking down at my iPhone.

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