Sozin's Comet Part 2: The Old Masters

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June kicks a chair and sits down and begins drinking again.

"Hey, I remember her. She helped you attack us." Sokka said

"Yes we covered that already." I said

Zuko starts to walk forward, but makes sure I am in within arm distance.

"Back in the good old days." Zuko said

We all walk up to June.

"Oh great. It's Prince Pouty. Where's your creepy grandpa?" June asked

Toph and I laugh at the Prince Pouty line. Zuko glares at us.

"He's my Uncle. And he's not here." Zuko said

"I see you worked things out with your girlfriend or is it girlfriends?" June asked

Zuko grabs ahold of me.

"Girlfriend. One singular." Zuko said

"So what do you want?" June asked

"I need your help finding the Avatar." Zuko said

"Hm. Doesn't sound too fun." June said

"Does the end of the world sound like more fun?" Zuko asked

June still doesn't want to do it. I moved out of Zuko's grasp and sit down across from her.

"How about we make a deal. If everything goes as planned. Prince Pouty here will become Fire Lord Pouty. Which means if he has an issue and needs a person found he have you do the finding. He will also spread your name around. So does that sound good. You get a ton of business and all you have to do is help us." I said

June leans forward.

"You got yourself a deal." June said

We got up and headed outside. Appa and Nyla are growling at each other. Appa licks Nyla, and they lay down. They both stand up as we approach. June takes out a piece of meat for Nyla. She shakes it.

"Nyla." June said

She throws the meat to Nyla. Who catches it in his mouth, and starts chewing it before swallowing it. June walks up to him and starts petting him.

"Who's my little Snuffy-Wuffy?" June asked

Nyla sticks his toxins-coated tongue out and she dodges it and forces his mouth closed.

"Whoa! Careful there! Okay. So who's got something with the Avatar's scent on it?" June asked

Katara who was standing on Appa's saddle pulls put Aang's glider.

"I have Aang's staff." Katara said

Katara tosses it down. June catches it and holds it in front of Nyla. He sniffs it. Nyla begins to walk around in circles, trying to sniff the scent out somewhere else. Nyla lies back down and covers his nose.

"Well, what does that mean?" Zuko asked

"Means your friend's gone." June said

"We know he's gone. That's why we're trying to find him." Toph said

"No, I mean he's gone gone. He doesn't exist." June said

We all look either worried or confusion.

"What do you mean Aang doesn't exist? Do you mean he' know, dead?" Sokka asked

"Nope. We could find him if he were dead. Wow, it's a real head-scratcher. See ya." June said

She starts to climb on top of Nyla.

"Wait. I have another idea. There's only one other person in this world who can help us face the Fire Lord. I'll be right back with a smell sample." Zuko said

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