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Author's Note:

I thought about skipping this because it didn't include Zuko so it wouldn't include Kida, but then I remember that I had included episode like this before so, let's hope it goes as good as the others.


I had no idea how long I had been out, but when I started to wake up it was to someone running their fingers through my hair. I opened my eyes and looked up to see that it was Zuko. It took Zuko a second to realize I was awake. Once he does figure it out he stops playing with my hair.

"How are you feeling?" Zuko asked

"Okay, I guess. What happened?" I asked

"You fainted, you told Uncle that you were lightheaded then collapsed." Zuko said

I sat up and looked around.

"Where is Iroh?" I asked

"He went to get our stuff." Zuko said

"Okay. How long was I out?" I asked

"I not sure, since I got back 3 hours. But I don't how long you were out with Iroh." Zuko said

"Can you take me to the river?" I asked

"Of course." Zuko said

Zuko helped me stand up. I grabbed my bag, I was about to put it on when Zuko took it from me. He then picked me up and carried me.

"You know I can walk." I said

"I know, but you are still weak." Zuko said

"Whatever you say Prince." I said

"Don't call me that." Zuko said

"Okay how about Scarface." I said

Zuko actually let out a small laugh.

"You haven't called me that since the first time we meet." Zuko said

"Yup it was also the first time I kicked your butt." I said

"You didn't kick my butt." Zuko said

"Yes, I did. If Aang hadn't shown up I would have won." I said

"You know what once you are back to your normal self, we will see who will beat who's butt." Zuko said

It only took us a few more minutes before we arrived at the river.

"I'll wait in the woods." Zuko said

"Okay." I said

Zuko turned and walked back into the woods. I quickly took my clothes and my bindings off and climbed into the river. The cold water felt good on my newest burn. I dived under the water. When I came back up I saw Zuko standing just outside of the woods. He looked worried.

"What's wrong Zuko?" I asked

"I heard a splash and thought something bad happened." Zuko said

I kind of just looked at him, and I got a wicked thought.

"Come here Zuko." I said

He walked towards the river, he stood on the edge of the river I reached up grabbed his wrist and pulled him into the river. He let out a small scream as he landed in the river. I started to laugh.

"That wasn't funny." Zuko said

"Yes it was." I said

He growled and then tackled me into the water. I we played it each other for a while.

"I've missed you." Zuko said

"Why?" I asked

"Because I.." Zuko trailed off

"Because you what?" I asked

"Because I just did." Zuko said

Zuko then kissed my forehead.

"We should head back. Uncle is probably back by now." Zuko said

"Okay." I said

We climbed out of the water. I used my bending to drive us off, I went to get dressed but Zuko stopped me by putting his hand on the burn on myside.

"I'm sorry." Zuko said

"What for?" I asked

"Azula, and myself." Zuko said

"Why are you sorry for yourself?" I asked

Zuko grabbed my arm and looked at the burn that he had accidently given.

"For this." Zuko said

"Zuko don't apologize. You're a firebender things like this happen. I've been hit by air blast, I've been hit with Earth, and been attacked by water. If those other three element left a mark like fire does then I would be covered. Never apologize to me." I said

Zuko nodded his head. He let go of myside and moved his hand to my neck. He rubbed this thumb over that scar, I raised my hand laid it on his burn. We leaned into each other and kissed. When we pulled apart, Zuko took something out of his pocket. It was the stone that I had given him up at the North Pole.

"You told me to give this to you when we saw each other again. So here." Zuko said

I went to take the stone, there was a second where both Zuko and I were touching the stone. It glowed. I smiled. I let go and left it in his hand, I quickly got dressed and grabbed his hand.

"Come I want to show you something." I said

I dragged him back to the little house. We went inside and I let go of his hand and reached my hand into the bag to pull out the small box that Master Pakku gave me. I opened the box and show Zuko what was inside he pulled the necklace out, it was glowing just the stone.

"Where did you get this?" Zuko asked

"Master Pakku gave it to me when we left the North Pole. There is a note that goes with it, I forgot about till today." I said

Zuko nodded his head.

"Well go ahead and read the note." Zuko said

I pulled the note from the box and read it aloud.

Dear Kida, I'm giving you this necklace, the stone is from the spirit oasis. It is a special stone. The village healer told me it was a special stone, that it held a special energy. I'm giving you this because, the healer said that the stones like this first showed up on the coldest day in over 100 years, then once every year after that. So when you told me what your grandma said I instantly thought about these.


P.S Tell your brother and sister about your other ability.

"What did your grandma tell you?" Zuko asked

"My grandma told me the reason I have white hair, ice blue eyes, and am paler the rest of the tribe was because I was born on the coldest night in over 100 years. I hadn't actually believed her because I thought she just told me to make me feel better about not looking like the rest of the tribe. I guess she was telling the truth." I said

"Yeah looks like she was. So what are you going to do with the necklace and the stone?" Zuko asked

I reached back into my bag and pulled out a leather strap. Then I took the stone from Zuko's hand, and used my bending to make it stick to the leather strap. I turned to Zuko and handed him the leather strap with the necklace.

"Will you put it on me?" I asked

"Sure." Zuko said

I turned around so Zuko could put it on me. It was a choker that tied in the back. Once it was tied I turned around and handed it Zuko the necklace.

"Why are you giving me this?" Zuko asked

"Because I want you to have it." I said

Zuko nodded, and put the necklace over his head. A few more minutes passed before Iroh showed up with all of his and Zuko's stuff.

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